How ElectroNeek, an AICPA-Backed Company, Drives Innovation in the Accounting Community

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How Accounting firms are achieving success with ElectroNeek

Why rely on ElectroNeek

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Today, enterprises are testing and implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for accounting processes such as invoice processing, reconciliation of bank accounts, and tax return data entry for accurate transactions processing, accountability, and better financial reporting. RPA is like rain on a deserted land, as these objectives were difficult to achieve with manual operations. Bots can help accomplish these goals reliably and accurately, but they are also quick and efficient. Given the complexity and tons of data, automation is now showing promising results. 

At ElectroNeek, we understand that finance teams can tackle many accounting processes, save their employees from routine and tedious tasks, and even pursue finance transformation by implementing RPA. ElectroNeek, an award-winning RPA platform, plays its part in helping companies implement RPA to digitize accounting and finance and drive sustainable growth.

This article will explain how implementing RPA is easier and faster with ElectroNeek and why you should select our intelligent automation solution when implementing RPA for your finance and accounting departments.

See how accounting firms have achieved success with ElectroNeek

ElectroNeek’s intuitive RPA platform is the answer to all your modern accounting problems. We have helped enterprises tackle the complexities in their accounting processes, reduce manual errors by almost 57%, and increase employee satisfaction by saving them from the drudgery of low-value-added tasks. 

Electroneek is the preferred RPA vendor for Sage, a market leader for integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems, and is among five startups chosen by the AICPA startup accelerator. The recognition in the accounting market shapes one of the angles of ElectroNeek specialization. ElectroNeek is providing its robust solution to help accountants and their clients meet the demanding needs of the business environment. 

If you are an Accounting firm, our RPA solution will simplify compliance for your accountants and enhance their productivity. Our bots will streamline and smooth out the client onboarding process, so you can maintain the highest possible standards of competitiveness and offer swift and accurate service to your clients. 

Why rely on ElectroNeek’s intuitive RPA solution

ElectroNeek RPA solutions enable companies to achieve the desired result faster than they anticipated. Our automation platform can integrate with legacy systems challenging to integrate due to unsupported components; our bots can be easily deployed to make changes in existing infrastructure and systems. 

The bots created by ElectroNeek can easily handle a large amount of repetitive and monotonous tasks because the platform is flexible and scalable. It means it allows companies to deploy as many bots as they want with the option to replicate them to other departments.

You can rely on ElectroNeek for creating RPA bots for your accounting and:

  • Give your accounting and finance functions breathing room, as ElectroNeek bots will take care of the manual labor that dominated the working.
  • Stay stress-free with audit trails and know the who, what, and when of every transaction.
  • Take advantage of our training resources to help you make the most of our bots and other resources.
  • Let our MSP partners take the burden off of all technology challenges such as developing and maintaining your IT infrastructure, round-the-clock monitoring for breakdowns and security breaches, regulatory compliance, software updates, and Backup and Disaster Recovery.
  • Automate your accounting processes on top of your systems and aggregate data silos.
  • Transform your accounting and finance function to proactive strategic development by using our platform to get accurate real-time data and make financial reporting an ongoing process.

See the ElectroNeek bot in action

ElectroNeek platform has proven to be a stable solution for accounting firms. Be it accounts reconciliation, general ledger management, tax data collection, invoice generation and reconciliation, custom reporting, etc.; the ElectroNeek bots can perform these tasks without any errors and discrepancies.  

All you need to do is drag and drop the activity blocks, and the bots will make the slow, manual, and old-fashioned accounting process faster and accurate.

How can we forget the classic issue – copying and pasting data from one spreadsheet or ledger to another? The ElectroNeek bots can integrate with accounting software that can speak to other tools and offer Finance and Accounting teams access to the same files and dashboards. 

Key Features:

  • Excel and CSV automation
  • Real-time reporting and Statistics
  • Expense tracking
  • Financial reporting (nothing to reconcile, as the data has already been checked and copied across systems)
  • Creation of ledger entries in seconds
  • Categorization and storing of data

As a result, accounting teams will save time, increase their productivity, and reduce errors to a zero rate.

One of the examples of the successful implementation of the RPA platform in the accounting field is the automation of ledger accounts in Sage Business Cloud Accounting software. Typically, it can take quite a long time to manually onboard the customers in SBCA. With ElectroNeek bots, it takes several minutes.

Video 1: Automation of all ledger accounts in Sage Business Cloud
Accounting (SBCA)

Another example of how the ElectroNeek bot can automate an accounting process and help the staff make sound financial decisions is automating Audit bank rules in QuickBooks. Managing the QuickBooks bank rules for multiple clients is an error-prone and time-consuming job. But an ElectroNeek bot can make it convenient to set up a rule for a single accounting file in minutes and apply it to the entire client base.

Here is how Jason Staats, CEO of Realize, one of our partners from an Accounting community, takes advantage of the ElectroNeek automation solution. 

Video 2: Electroneek QBO Rule Export Bot

To view the collection of pre-built Accounting bots for your automation initiatives, please visit our bot library.


This article explains how Robotic Process Automation can work for any company, including Accounting and Audit firms wanting to digitize their accounting function. We have also covered the benefits of adopting our RPA platform and implementing automation with ease. From automating routine tasks to deep intelligence, the ElectroNeek RPA solution can help you with any accounting process. Our solution is mature and easy to implement on top of your existing systems. 

When it comes to automation, you should always pick the right RPA vendor like ElectroNeek, who has the expertise and resources to help you achieve the desired results. 

While our bots will be taking your tedious accounting tasks and giving back your precious time, it’s your turn to think about how you will use it!

We are always there to help you on your automation journey. If you would like to know more about our products and service, please get in touch with any of our sales representatives.