Community Voice

Wilton Rogers, Founder of Simply Automate: Life has a way of putting you in a position to succeed if you stay true to your beliefs
~ 13 minutes read

Everyone chases the results, but the truth is, success does not happen overnight. It is the process and steps you take to get there that matters. Wilton Rogers is an example of a visionary who ensured his MSP Simply Automate reached the top with the help of ElectroNeek. Learn about his journey and insightful advice to MSPs today.

The Future of Automation Business : Fireside Chat with ElectroNeek Executives
~ 3 minutes read

Dmitry Karpov, ElectroNeek’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, sat down with Keith Abramson, Vice President of Global Sales, to have an insightful discussion. They conversed about how the emerging class of automation entrepreneurs dreams big, opening a blue ocean of business opportunities that are powerful yet complex hyper-automation technologies. 

Uday Sanghani: RPA Legend on Automation Capital of Future and 4 Elements of Success
~ 13 minutes read

Uday Sanghani has led global portfolios at KPMG, EY, Accenture, and DELL, and it is only a small portion of his industry achievements.
Previously, we have published the first part of the interview with Uday Sanghani, where he has shared his thoughts on blind spots in implementing automation in a company and the bots that are expected to become the new types of workers in the ever-changing technology world.
The second part is devoted to the cultural differences of spreading emerging technologies across the world and our guest’s personal approach to constant professional growth.