Why Citizen Automators Are Essential In Every Growing Business

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As a growing business, we are continually scouring our systems for ways to improve. The primary way that executives up-level our business is through increased productivity. Productivity is often measured by the momentum at which work is complete. 

There is a strategy to increase productivity without increasing expenses. It is possible, with the addition of a Citizen Automators, to your team. Continue reading to learn how Citizen Automators are essential in increasing productivity. 

Who is a Citizen Automator?

A Citizen Automator, also known as a Citizen Developer, is an individual dedicated to finding processes that can be automated and driving the workflow optimization in the company. This person’s sole responsibility is to delve into areas that are too complex and find ways to simplify them. The employee locates systems that are reducing efficiency. Once located, they create automation processes to fulfill the function.  

Citizen Automator

How to find a Citizen Automator?

Luckily, identifying Citizen Automators is not an arduous task. Although it may require some instruction, they are often already employed in our business. These employees are critical thinkers and change-makers within our company. 

Perhaps they are looking to develop new expertise, or we notice that they have a capability for finding inefficiencies. Either way, we can utilize a team member in order to grow our business. We should prepare these skilled employees for a digital transformation in their daily duties. 

Locate the individuals that are confirmed problem solvers and provide the opportunity to expand their skills. 

What ways will a Citizen Automator help businesses grow?

  • Identifying areas in the business that are too complex.
  • Developing simplified automation processes for repeated tasks.
  • Allotting additional time for prioritized duties. 
  • Minimizing discrepancies by using technology and providing more time for the examination.
What ways will a Citizen Automator help businesses grow

As previously mentioned, Citizen Automators increase the overall productivity of our business by optimizing routine tasks and helping others to do the same in their workflow. This occurs by creating an automated system of repeated tasks, also known as RPA. 

What is RPA? 

Robotic Processes Automation, is software that automatically mimics repeated human tasks.

Once the Citizen Automator locates inefficient tasks, they will set RPA into place to accomplish these inefficiencies. As a result, our team will spend less time on tedious tasks and prioritize duties. This yields time for more exceptional employee accomplishments and the opportunity to center in on potential mistakes. 

human tasks

For example, as a finance professional – loan officers spend several hours a day examining and processing loans. If a Citizen Automator implemented RPA into the company, these hours could be more productive. As a result, the loan officers could process more loans and examine documents for errors, creating a better reputation with customers. These customers will appreciate the fast service and recommend the bank to prospective customers. 

The work of Citizen Automators can be identified in well-known companies, like Amazon. Amazon uses automation technology with their Kiva robots. Their use of automation has increased their capacity to fulfill orders 4 times faster than prior systems.

We have all benefited from receiving Amazon orders swiftly. The prompt service typically results in placing another order soon after – which in turn continues to grow their business. 

Final Note

We are cognizant that continuing to grow is essential to our business. Becoming stagnant is not a road on the path to success. Ensuring that our company is always expanding, is effortless through increased productivity. Citizen Automators are essential to increasing productivity by simplifying and automating tasks and driving the digital transformation in your company. 

Allow the hidden Citizen Automators on our team to take the business to the next level. Book a demo and see the benefits from RPA right away.