ElectroNeek Partners with Sage to Simplify Automation For Accounting Professionals

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/San Francisco, June 11/ Today, ElectroNeek and Sage announce an alliance to make automation simpler and affordable for accounting professionals.

As part of the partnership, ElectroNeek is named preferred Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor for Sage Accounts Network members who will receive ready-to-use bots to complete routine accounting tasks, such as the migration of charts of accounts.

“We are very pleased about our partnership with ElectroNeek! This partnership allows us to serve accountants and their clients in providing the best in the breed for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This is such an important vehicle of innovation that enhances the accounting community to elevate their businesses. Allowing better data integrity and freeing up valuable time for accountants to serve their clients on advisory services which is what they need most right now.”

Rafael Casas, Sr. Accountant Advocate at Sage

Accounting is a strategic industry for ElectroNeek because it accumulates the results of business performance and has the ability to navigate the company to new business opportunities.

The timing and accuracy of accounting workflow are crucial for strategic planning and decision-making, which is why ElectroNeek has been an effective end-to-end automation platform for accounting professionals who strive for the perfection of their work and aim for the business market dominance.

“We are extremely excited about the partnership with Sage because it gives us an opportunity to streamline essential business processes in accounting and finance, the blood flow of any developing business. Together we will deliver on-premise automation solutions for companies of all sizes and industries to meet the demanding needs of the business environment now and into the future.”

Dmitry Karpov, CIO of ElectroNeek

About Sage

Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems, supporting the ambitions of businesses across the globe, and helping them to achieve their goals and objectives.

90% of accountants in the UK recognize the Sage format because of this, either using it in the past or still use it today, passing it on to their employees and the next generation of accountants. In 2017, Sage acquired Intacct and Fairsail. In 2018, Sage launched Sage Business Cloud. 

Today, Sage has 13,000 employees and serves over three million customers in 23 countries across mainland Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Latin America.