ElectroNeek Enterprise 2.0 platform is released

ElectroNeek Enterprise 2.0 platform is released

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This week our team is proud to present you the newest version of the ElectroNeek Enterprise RPA platform that is aimed to streamline your business processes better and faster than ever before.

Why ElectroNeek 2.0?

  • It is the first-ever Enterprise RPA platform with an unlimited number of bot licenses.
  • Proprietary tools to speed up no-API workflow development without changes to existing IT infrastructure.
  • Orchestration features included – schedule, administer and analyze automation performance.
  • Advanced OCR – quick set up, can handle the bad quality of scans and even handwriting.

You can find the full list of updates on our Community Forum

For more information about ElectroNeek Enterprise 2.0 contact our automation experts.

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