FAQ Answered: ElectroNeek Platform 3.0 – Calaveras Release

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    What is ElectroNeek Calaveras ReleaseElectroNeek platform 3.0 – Calaveras Release is the latest version of the ElectroNeek automation platform that allows users to automatically find and robotize repetitive business tasks.
    What is People DashboardPeople Dashboard is a tool that shows how employees interact with different business software. It estimates the share of repetitive tasks that can be automated.
    What is Automation HubAutomation Hub is a web-based management suite where you can get suggested automation opportunities and actual benefits from previously launched robots. Here you can also control bots activity and schedule new automation workflows.
    What is StudioThe downloadable on-premise studio is a tool for authorized users to create automated workflows.
    What is RobotA downloadable on-premise robot is a tool that analyzes how users interact with different software to discover automation opportunities.
    What are attended and unattended bot licensesThere are two ways to deploy ElectroNeek robots: in attended and unattended mode. Attended robots are launched by employees on their desktops and act as virtual assistants for specific tasks. Unattended bots are deployed on a server and wait for certain triggers/commands to starts execution of a certain task, completely independent from any particular employee. Unattended robots serve as ‘digital workers’, typically automating certain end-to-end tasks offloaded from employees. Some users refer to attended bots as to Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) and to unattended bots as to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). 
    What’s Orchestrator?Orchestrator is an essential part of a web-based ElectroNeek Automation Hub that allows to schedule and administer all your automated workflows in one place. 
    Does ElectroNeek integrate with other platforms?Yes. You can use webhooks to connect apps and services with ElectroNeek bots (to trigger execution or to share business data, e.g. lead in CRM). Also, ElectroNeek has native integration with a variety of popular services and apps. 
    Will my data be safe?Yes, we combine enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected.
    What do I need to find processes for automation?
    Start monitoring the use of particular software by employees in People Dashboard. ElectroNeek will analyze the data, find high-volume repetitive operations that consume your employees’ time and publish automation recommendations in Automation Hub.
    Do I need to get IT involved?Not necessary. In order to start working with the ElectroNeek, you should create an admin account and invite users into your organization, so they can download ElectroNeek Robot and start collecting the data on automation opportunities. To build automations, authorized users can take a look at the instructions, open Studio and create your first workflow. If you have any difficulties, our Care Department is ready to help you with any steps.

    Where to get more information about the ElectroNeek Platform?

    We’ve created a list of resources about ElectroNeek platform and intelligent automation industry for all your needs: