RPA for Developers: How to streamline ETL processes MySQL + Gmail

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    Today we’ll take a look at automating an ETL process with ElectroNeek in the following scenario: the bot will gather feedback from the buyers of the most recent product version.

    How to streamline ETL processes  MySQL + Gmail with ElectroNeek

    To complete this task the bot will have to scan the SQL database and extract the fitting data, send emails to extracted clients and update the databases with the data from responses.

    the SQL database scan algorithm
    Database scan algorithm

    In this case we want to get all customers that purchased the product after specific date (first 3 on the screenshot below).

    scan the SQL database example
    Database example

    On first step the bot reads SQL file, extracts the matching data and sends emails. Then we need to wait for the response, read it and update the database. That’s the next step for our bot:

    first step of SQL database scan

    A task like this can normally take 30 minutes or more, but a simple bot can do it in a few seconds.

    ElectroNeek can help you automate your work with ETL processes. If you want to know more details about how ElectroNeek can improve your business processes – reach out to our automation expert.