‘RPA 101’: Who is a Citizen Automator?

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Through a simple graphical interface and smart building tools, non-tech users are empowered to automate processes via software bots into production environments. 

According to the Gartner, a citizen developer (or in case of Robotic Process Automation, citizen automator) is a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT.

Who is a Citizen Automator

How to find these people in your company?

Competent professionals who know their craft and think strategically. These people ask useful questions, such as: “Is it possible to solve production problems easier and more efficiently in terms of my labor costs and benefits for the employer?” Often the optimization occurs at the level of those processes that their colleagues do not even think about. Such actions could increase operational productivity by 25% in the departments where they were implemented.

Remember macros in Microsoft Excel? A few people create them, and millions use them every day. Citizen automation will definitely identify these “macros makers” in every company. And they, realizing their usefulness, will certainly start to think in the direction of more complex processes in order to make their work and the work of colleagues more effective.

There are two approaches associated with scaling RPA: “top” and “bottom”. Often, automatization ‘from the bottom’ that comes from the employees’ needs created by problems they see in a workplace, is more effective than the one from CXOs. It is also important to carefully choose the first process for automation: it should be as simple and straightforward as possible for employees in various departments (accounting, HR, administration), since they will not see the development process and will only be able to evaluate the final result of automation.

Dmitry Karpov, Co-founder and CIO of ElectroNeek

For more examples of business processes that can be automated in a few weeks and last you forever reach out to our automation experts for personal discussion.

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