‘RPA 101’: What is RPA in compliance procedures?

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    RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a way to optimize your workflow by delegating routine tasks to programmed robots that can be efficiently used in the banking industry for rule-based compliance procedures. 

    Case Study

    External reporting

    Along with other duties, compliance officers provide regular reports on the effectiveness of a business’s compliance measures. This leads to the precise procedures of report creation processes that include completion of the various forms manually, information extraction from databases and legacy systems.

    Automation case: $100k-150k annual savings

    ACH transfer review

    An Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer is one of the most common methods of moving money to and from bank accounts. The ACH network is involved in practically every type of electronic transaction, which means that finance departments have to manually add all incoming information about each client from disconnected systems (online shops, transfers to another bank, etc.) into one file. 

    Automation case: $50k+ annual savings

    Benefits of using RPA in customer onboarding

    To learn more about the use of RPA in banking operations, reach out to our automation experts.