Easy-to-Setup Citrix Automation

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One of the most hot-debated questions of the business world nowadays is how to ensure continuous high performance of the employees aside from effective leadership and best-in-class benefits packages. Especially when a part of the team works remotely. Just grant them the right tools to work with and time to maximize their potential.

However, with the high volume of repetitive mundane tasks, it is not easy to accomplish.

Here’s when automation of tedious business processes can be beneficial.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows users to automate tasks in the IT systems you already use, like Citrix, to enhance business processes in a short time without having to change anything in your current IT infrastructure, which means low costs of implementation with an easy-to-setup automation solution.

Save FTEs by automating the data entry or extraction in all Citrix applications, accelerating business process execution and avoiding costly mistakes.  

For example, the end-to-end ElectroNeek RPA platform enables bots to perform typical human actions with a mouse and keyboard in Citrix applications and virtual desktops without a single code line. Citrix automation’s specific challenge is handled with built-in powerful OCR and Image Recognition tools that enable remote, continuous monitoring.

5 benefits of RPA for Citrix Automation

  • Fast. Build automated workflows on the GUI level. 
  • Accurate. Powerful Machine Vision engine to automate with Process Recorder.
  • Secure. GDPR and SOC2 compliance, Role-based Access Control, Encryption for data at rest (AES-256 bit) and data in motion (TLS1.2)
  • Scalable. Connect and monitor workflows in ElectroNeek Orchestrator.  
  • Easy. We provide free online training and certification and free service to assist with automation design.

How can ElectroNeek help in automating your Citrix tasks?

RPA has the potential to create a significant impact on managing your Citrix workflow in a lot of ways. Here are some of the most popular examples of Citrix automation:

  • Using computer vision and advanced Image recognition tools to enter values into form fields inside Citrix VM
  • Extracting data using computer vision from Citrix VM
  • Automating tasks inside Citrix virtual machine
  • Automating data entry and data extraction operations between Citrix applications which significantly reduces the number of human errors in these workflows

What’s next?

Want to see Citrix automation in action?

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