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Filing income tax extensions

Case for Automation

Professional accounting firms process e-filed extensions in large volumes. Current tax programs are not designed to enable the automated filing of extensions as part of a fully automated workflow. Extending a taxpayer’s return window is typically a tedious, client-by-client process. Filing extensions in a timely manner is a critical aspect of a tax professional’s responsibilities.

Bot Activities
  • Launches tax software when triggered by an automated workflow or provided with a batch file to process
  • Enters required inputs into program to extend federal tax return
  • Determines whether there are additional state and local tax returns that need to be extended
  • Updates client status in project management software
  • Upon electronic filing acceptance, adds a copy of acceptance confirmation to client file
Automated software

CCH Axcess Tax

CCH ProSystem fx Tax

Drake Software

Intuit Lacerte Tax

Intuit ProConnect Tax

Intuit ProSeries Tax

Thomson Reuters Ultratax

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