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Case for Automation

Salesforce is a leading sales management tool; however, it is still a complex CRM in which multiple tasks must be executed manually by sales reps. Automating tasks in Salesforce is time consuming and requires expert technical skills. With ElectroNeek, most of these tasks can be automated without advanced technical skills.

Bot Activities
  • Creates custom Salesforce database tables based on Excel spreadsheet data
  • Imports leads from Excel into Salesforce
  • Generates Excel spreadsheets based on Salesforce cases
  • Adds Salesforce contacts to email subscriber lists
  • Imports leads from email into Salesforce
  • Emails stakeholders reminders on custom events or activities from Salesforce
  • Creates Slack notifications on new Salesforce leads
  • Imports new leads from Facebook into Salesforce
  • Creates consolidated reports from Salesforce data
  • Emails stakeholders custom reports from Salesforce
Automated software



MS Excel

MS Outlook


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