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Shopify is a versatile e-commerce platform, with features including abandoned cart recovery notification, leading payment solutions, digital storefronts, and even content creation. Although it is an excellent tool, manual operations management in Shopify can cost your team more than 40 hours per week of productive time that could be used for other activities vital to your e-commerce business.

Bot Activities
  • Logs into Shopify using relevant user credentials
  • Automates order shipping by importing Shopify orders, selecting the best delivery option based on multiple criteria, and sending package tracking data to the purchaser
  • Automates order processing and stock allocation
  • Generates financial documents such as invoices, delivery notes, credit notes, and cash receipts
  • Automates marketing activities such as email marketing segmentation, email chains, a/b testing, social media posting, and distribution of Shopify store blog content
  • Automates helpdesk ticket management 
  • Creates reports on task status or completion
  • Sends alerts for Shopify activities to stakeholders
  • Exports data from Shopify store in a structured format
Automated software

MS Excel


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