ElectroNeek bots accelerated the field-to-office operational cycle by 80% and significantly reduced the risk of a non-performance of the contractual obligations


Unisphere Solutions implemented ElectroNeek bots for one of its clients, facilities maintenance, and management services provider. The automation streamlined and optimized the client field-to-office workflow and helped them efficiently meet contractual obligations with their clients, whilst building a re-usable and scalable feature.


The client’s employees faced difficulties communicating tasks and issues identified whilst in the field. This function or service was hindered by a lack of collaboration tools between field service employees and the company’s back office.

One of the challenging scenarios looks like this: 

The staff member or contractor goes into the field to provide a maintenance service to a client asset. When they get there, they may identify an out of scope service is required in addition to the contracted task they are performing. Rather than just ignoring the out of scope work, the contractor is required under their contract with the client to identify all the additional services that need to be maintained or repaired while on-site and notify the client. 

Previously the contractor either notified its client by phone calls, text messages, or email. As a result, it was time-intensive and inefficient to meet the obligations to the client.

ElectroNeek Digital Workforce in Action

Unisphere Solutions came up with an approach that leveraged the Microsoft Teams app on the device to log the identified issue. Thus the contractor is able to upload the item, including pictures and notes very quickly and easily in the same manner they regularly communicate with someone in the office. After the job is uploaded on Teams, an ElectroNeek bot picks up all those items and moves them into the task management (SQL) database as a new job. At that point, a human being goes through the web UI and decides which of those items need to be staged through to the client. 

Using ElectroNeek we automated the process of capturing data from the field, integrating an approval step, and staging this through to the client ERP (via their API) for approval so that the client can dispatch a team as soon as possible to remediate the problem.

ElectroNeek bots accelerated the field-to-office operational cycle by 80% and reduced the risk of a non-performance of the contractual obligations to near 0

Benefits of automation:

Accelerated field-to-office operational cycle led to enhanced customer service and better client retention


The client obtained a scalable solution that can be incorporated into other cases across the company


Achieved operational consistency, streamlining; systems, technology, and training using robotics as the middleware


As automation took over the whole process from capturing a task in the field to being communicated to a client, the facilities management company enhanced their customer service by meeting the contractual obligations quickly and with no extra effort. Instead of manual effort and a lot of data entry reliant upon a few trained people, the process was handed over to bots to automate it in the most efficient way for both the contractor and its clients.


From the client’s perspective, the most valuable thing about the solution was its scalability. The automation scenario was built by using a common set of tools, which means that the facilities management company may offer this feature to their other clients. This solution gives their client a terrific return on investment, as it is a very quick and efficient way of meeting their contractual obligations.

"Not many other commercial models are flexible enough to allow the scalability that ElectroNeek offers. As opposed to buying off the shelf or developing custom software, that would cost tens of thousands of dollars, ElectroNeek costs a fraction of that as we build and use pre-existing components that can be easily scaled. I would say that ElectroNeek is a very rapid tool to develop with. It's a good fit for our business model."
James Dickinson,
TRAC [The Robots Are Coming LTD] Director and ElectroNeek Implementation Partner
"The speed of development and implementation process is crucial when it comes to automation. With ElectroNeek the development was a day's work for us. And as for the implementation process, with ElectroNeek’s support team the process was seamless and did not require tremendous efforts."
Dirk Reinhold,
TRAC [The Robots Are Coming LTD] Director & Automation Manager

💼 Company

  • Facilities Management Company

📒 Industry

  • Facility management

🌏 Headquarters

  • Victoria, Australia

🤖 Bots

  • Data management
  • ERP automation

💡 Features

  • Microsoft SharePoint data processing
  • ERP data management
  • Work orders management

🚀 Automated software

  • MS SharePoint
  • Technology1 ERP
  • Microsoft SQL
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