UFP Technologies automated training
management process with ElectroNeek

💼 Company

  • UFP Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: UFPT)

📒 Industry

  • Health Care Products Manufacturing

🌏 Headquarters

  • Newburyport, Massachusetts

🤖 Bots

  • ERP automation
  • Data management

💡 Features

  • Desktop clicker
  • Software automation

🚀 Automated software

  • Epicor ERP


The UFP Technologies IT team automated their employee training management process with ElectroNeek and saved 20 minutes on each training course. This outcome is meaningful as the company has hundreds of courses per year conducted throughout the enterprise.


Based in Newburyport, Massachusetts and founded in 1963, UFP Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: UFPT) is an innovative designer and custom manufacturer of components, subassemblies, products and packaging primarily for the medical market. UFP’s solutions are used in a variety of medical devices, wearables, and packaging.

Throughout its decades-long history, innovation has always had a prominent place in UFP Technologies’ mission and vision.


Prior to the implementation of ElectroNeek RPA, UFP Technologies’ training team had been performing numerous manual activities in Epicor ERP within their training course management process.

These included:

  • Logging in to Epicor ERP.
  • Scheduling classes.
  • Adding employees to classes.
  • Entering course results.
  • Attaching the rosters to the courses

ElectroNeek Bots In Action

ElectroNeek automated the training management process and now all the actions above are performed automatically by an ElectroNeek bot. Now, the only task that is executed with human intervention is creating (or printing) the roster, scanning it after signatures and emailing it to a bot.

Automation enabled the UFP Technologies team to accelerate their training management process and save 20 minutes per course. The company conducts hundreds of courses per year.


  • Time savings of 20 minutes per course.
  • Enhanced training experience.
  • Simplified administration.


The ROI on the training management workflow is an approximate time savings of 20 minutes per course. As the company has hundreds of courses per year conducted throughout the enterprise, this impact is significant.


The UFP Technologies IT team now considers ElectroNeek RPA as a critical member of the company’s IT stack.

Apart from training management automation, UFP Technologies uses ElectroNeek to perform some existing and new labor tasks, from payroll systems to the ERP system. They also have a prototype workflow for accounts payable invoices and plan to dedicate more resources to maximizing the benefits of RPA in the near future.

I’ve had a good experience discussing pricing and licenses resulting in a multi-year agreement with ElectroNeek. I think our solutions using ElectroNeek are stable and scalable given unlimited bots and the use of Orchestrator. The initial set-up was easy. We’ve had some minor problems upgrading, but the ElectroNeek care team is very responsive and helpful. Our initial cost justification for the implementation was to replace our current middleware with ElectroNeek, which can serve that purpose, but also do so much more. ElectroNeek has the best interface of all the RPA solutions I reviewed including Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and UiPath. I felt unimportant to these companies in the review process but ElectroNeek has treated us like their most important customer from the start of the review process and that continues today.

Keith Cote,

Vice President of IT UFP Technologies, Inc.

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