How Electrolux optimized scheduling
for its delivery fleet


Using ElectroNeek bots, Electrolux’s global logistics fleet management team boosted their account and document processing cycle, saved more than 14,000 FTE hours, and reduced the duration of their  accounts receivable processing cycle by 10%.


Founded in 1919, the Electrolux Group is the only global appliance manufacturer to offer complete solutions for consumers. Electrolux products include refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, cookers, vacuum cleaners, and air conditioners. Electrolux brands sell approximately 60 million household products in more than 150 markets every year.


The Electrolux logistics team was facing challenges in managing their global logistics fleet. Team members had to manually execute time-consuming processes in backup, leading to drastically reduced fleet efficiency and productivity.

14,000 FTE hours saved annually and duration of accounts receivable processing cycle reduced by 10% due to bots created in ElectroNeek Studio

A bot receives a list of completed orders and, based on the Excel document data and the information on the M.Video portal, validates the delivery slots and assigns a relevant delivery time.

The bot collects orders that have either not been processed or have been processed inaccurately from an Excel file. It then reads the data from another Excel file, checks for available shipment time slots, and scans the M.Video website for time slots when the order can be submitted and unloaded by the customer. 

The bot detects the best time for order shipment and delivery based on the data received, time required for the shipment, and order urgency, and marks slots in the Excel spreadsheet and on the M.Video website (taking into account the predefined time offsets). The bot generates a process completion report, records the activities in the log, and marks shipment time in the Excel Orders table.

The ElectroNeek digital workforce automated:


fleet management system backup and control procedures


document creation and processing



Shorter accounts receivables processing cycle


Improved fleet utilization (reduced asset downtime by 15%), leading to an increase in overall operational efficiency for the Logistics Department


Management team saved 14,000+ hours of manual work per year


Without changing their IT infrastructure, the Electrolux team built bots to automate data and document processing within the fleet management system. As a result, it reduced the payment cycle, resulting in cash growth in the first year. Automated document processing improved the accuracy of reporting, minimized the error rate, and improved planning quality.

Electrolux’s management team plans to create more bots to improve operational efficiency across its departments.

💼 Company
  • Electrolux
📒 Industry
  • Manufacturing
🌏 Headquarters
  • Stockholm, Sweden
🤖 Bots
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Asset management
💡 Key Features
  • Desktop clicker
  • Browser automation
  • Spreadsheets automation
🚀 Automated software
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
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