ElectroNeek bots increased the operational efficiency of Exclusive Rentals by 200% and reduced the time spent on data processing from 1 week to 1.5 days

Digital Leaf Solutions implemented ElectroNeek bots for Exclusive Rentals, a leading property management company from Canada. The automation increased the operational efficiency by 200% and allowed the processing of 900 tenant transactions in 1.5 days instead of a week.
Implementation Partner
Digital Leaf Solutions, a trusted ElectroNeek partner, is an all-in-one solution provider for Intelligent RPA. Digital Leaf Solutions leverages the power of IA to help businesses improve process efficiencies, accuracy, compliance and reduce operational costs. The company provides services for real estate, insurance, finance, logistics, manufacturing, oil & gas, food & beverages, and many other industries. 
Exclusive Rentals is a leading property management company situated in Canada. The company offers affordable student housing in convenient locations and provides superior customer service to the tenants in London, Ontario.

Exlusive Rentals handles multiple properties on behalf of the owners by leasing and maintaining them. 

Typical daily activities for the operations management team include reading hundreds of rental transaction emails and creating an entry of the rental transaction against the respective tenant in the Propertyware application. 

These process steps are repeated for all the 900 tenants monthly, and The first week of every month is spent only on this activity.

ElectroNeek Digital Workforce in Action

ElectroNeek bots freed up the operations management team’s time by taking over a mundane copy-paste activity.

The ElectroNeek bot validates the tenant records, reconciles the values of the rent paid and the rental, and in case the values match, creates an entry in Propertyware. 

If the paid and rental values do not match, the bot updates the details into a different bucket for humans to intervene and handle those scenarios.

Benefits of automation:

The operational efficiency was improved by 200%


Automation positively impacted employees by eliminating tedious tasks and freeing up their time to focus on more strategic tasks


The operational time was reduced from a week to 1.5 days

The results and plans

The automated solutions completed all the 900 tenant transactions in 1.5 days as compared to the manual process that was taking approximately a week’s effort thereby improving the efficiency by 200%.

The automation impacted the restructuring of 75% of Exclusive Rentals’ human resources. The company plans to laser-focus on customer relations and business development by means of digital transformation.

"Electroneek has come a long way with its features that help any RPA developer to build automation at ease. The innovative pricing model of ElectroNeek helps us to onboard clients at low or no entry cost to leverage the power of RPA."
Dave Pala
Digital Leaf Solutions CEO and ElectoNeek Implementation Partner

💼 Company

  • Exclusive Rentals

📒 Industry

  • Real Estate & Property Management

🌏 Headquarters

  • London, Ontario

🤖 Bots

  • Email management
  • Document processing
  • Data management
  • ERP automation

💡 Features

  • Microsoft Outlook data recognition
  • Let.us data management
  • Microsoft Word file creation
  • Propertyware data management

🚀 Automated software

  • Spreadsheets automation
  • Propertyware
  • Let.us (earlier Rentmoola)
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