ElectroNeek bots helped a law firm accelerate operations by over 70% and enabled an ROI in less than 3 months.


STA Group (Scale Through Automation Group) implemented ElectroNeek bots for one of its clients, a small law firm, and accelerated their operational cycle by 70%, lowered human error rate to 0, and enabled return on investment in just 3 months.

Implementation Partner
STA Group is an ElectroNeek implementation partner, a digital transformation consulting and development firm that helps companies with the identification of digital strategies, operating models, and the implementation of intelligent automation solutions.

A law firm experienced challenges while executing the time-consuming tasks of processing countless legal documents during their relationships with their customers, their partners, and other third parties. The employees spent at least 20 hours per week on collecting and sending the documents and relevant data from various corporate legal systems and internal folders to the appropriate contacts.

An ElectroNeek bot saved 1000+ FTE hours annually for the legal firm and eliminated human errors

ElectroNeek Digital Workforce in Action

It looks like this; an ElectroNeek bot logs into the PracticePanther legal CRM and grabs all the relevant information, it then puts it into the relevant fields of the HIPPA(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) document and billing request and documents in Word. After the bot collects the information, it sends it out to the prospective clients or business partners. Once the documents are sent, the bot is triggered by an email or a personal trigger to go back to the legal firm’s CRM and Excel files and mark the documents as ready for that specific legal case.

Benefits of automation:

Accelerated legal documents processing led to enhanced customer relationships management and better client retention


The elimination of errors positively impacted the overall process accuracy


1000+ hours were saved annually for the entire department

The results and plans

Prior to automation, the law firm employees collected the relevant document information from multiple sources, and since it was collected manually there were many errors and misinformation happened. In this specific case, the ElectroNeek bots became an end-to-end solution that automated the whole process of case documents preparation for employees and saved about 70% of their time. During development, the law firm management team identified other areas in the process, those that can be improved and automated as well. 

"What is really impressive about working with ElectroNeek is their tech team, which is constantly growing and getting better. And the products - Studio, Orchestrator - they really lead. We have worked with many RPA vendors, and with ElectroNeek we are building things that we couldn’t do with any other vendor, even the biggest ones. Another huge plus is the price. You wouldn't be able to find such an affordable price anywhere nowadays."
Wilton Rogers, STA Group CEO
Wilton Rogers
STA Group CEO and ElectoNeek Implementation Partner
on working with ElectroNeek during the project
ElectroNeek Overview by STA Group
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💼 Company
  • Law Office of E. Marvin Romero
📒 Industry
  • Legal
🌏 Headquarters
  • New Mexico, US
🤖 Bots
  • Document processing
  • Email management
  • Data management
  • CRM automation
💡 Features
  • Microsoft Excel data extraction
  • Microsoft Word file creation
  • PracticePanther data insert and extraction
  • Send and receive emails
🚀 Automated software
  • PracticePanther
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • MS SQL database
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