Oops…We have no community edition anymore

We offer something much more appealing instead!

ElectroNeek has launched a business model that allows developers to create bots that don’t need a license to run. No bot licenses anymore. Forever.

See? There is simply no need for the community edition moving forward.

Pay only for the Studio IDE

We charge only for the Studio IDE. You build, test and deploy hundreds of digital workflows at no cost

No need for bot licenses

Build workflows in ElectroNeek Studio and run them anywhere free of charge. Build as many workflows as you want, paying only for developers

Quick training

Award-winning UX and ease of use. Free Online Academy, Community forum and Knowledge base

Stability and speed

Design adaptive workflows in graphic user interface. 50% faster workflow development, benchmarked with other RPA vendors

Start and use for free, forever

ElectroNeek offers a free, fully-functional community edition and online training

Upgrade to Enterprise features & services

The only automation platform that has the Care team to help clients design and scale bots

Ideal vendor
Ideal Vendor for Process Automation

Nick Shah, EY, Americas Innovation, Chief of Staff

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ElectroNeek is the highest-ranking Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform on G2’s Ease-of-use index (9.6 points vs. 8.3 industry average)

ElectroNeek helps companies achieve more by doing less


Faster execution of repetitive processes like web form completion or copy-pasting


Of time spent by employees on typical office routine can be automated


ElectroNeek can be implemented in-house by first-time RPA developers

Hunt down a tedious routine. Robotize it

ElectroNeek analyzes how users interact with different software to discover and prioritize repetitive actions that can be automated. The out-of-the-box tool, no IT required to set up, easy to interpret results

Automatically find repetitive business processes
Automate to save time and money

Discover cost-saving opportunities. Address them right away

Design automated workflows that can save hours of work. ElectroNeek can perform any repetitive action that a user can do, in any system, in any environment. No-code/low-code – all are welcome

One management tool for all automated processes

Schedule, launch, and monitor automated workflows and integrations with internal and external systems and services. ElectroNeek is an end-to-end RPA platform, from automation opportunities discovery to controlling your bot ecosystem

Orchestrate, monitor and measure results

Сompanies from 20 countries trust ElectroNeek

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Enjoy the best developers UX, stability, and scaling at no cost with ElectroNeek

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