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How It Works

Connect apps, set triggers or launch on demand

Connect all your business software
and turn repetitive routine into scripts for bots

1. Every time you get an order

2. Calculate discount

3. Build and send invoice

4.  Update data in CRM


Every time you get an order


 Calculate discount


Build and send invoice


Update data in CRM

So, how it works?

1. Instruction

Start with an instruction for your business process.

If you don’t have one, create it as you would do for a new employee.

2. Workflow

Launch electroNeek and turn this instruction into a workflow. No coding required here at all (use drag-and-drop blocks to assemble workflow).

3. Script

Turn workflow into executable bot logic/script. For simple processes, you can do it yourself, for more complex workflows, you will need an IT specialist skilled in electrtoNeek implementation. It’s easy to upskill your own IT workforce in using electroNeek or find a local electroNeek partner for end-to-end implementation.

4. Job done

Once bot logic is created, it can be run on a local machine (desktop), a virtual machine or completely in Cloud, if you are automating work in SaaS platforms. 

It’s simple to connect different type of bots into powerful workflows that can save your employees’ time!

Run bots and save time and money.



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