ElectroNeek 5.0 Infinity Release

In ElectroNeek 5.0 we’ve significantly improved UX and added powerful new features to accelerate both the development and execution speed of automation on your websites and in SaaS solutions.

Deploy an unlimited number of RPA bots for free in your or your clients’ infrastructure with secure, stable, and intuitive Studio Pro, Bot Runner, and SaaS Orchestrator.

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ElectroNeek Studio Pro

Chrome browser extension

Enhanced browser automation capabilities

Improve development and execution speed

  • Click on text
  • JavaScript executed directly in the browser

Make the most of your no-code/low-code experience

  • Building stable selectors by highlighting web elements
  • Improved UX with Chrome

Process Recorder

A universal tool for both desktop and browser environments

Easily design bot activities with:

  • New scalable canvas
  • An upgraded menu
  • Support of terminals like IBM AS/400

Debugging & Development

Smart testing features

Seamlessly detect, isolate and understand bugs:

  • Parameter validation (automatically check errors prior to the bot development)
  • Improved error messages
  • Enhanced debugging (launched through the icons toolbar or from the top menu)

Premium UX

One-of-a-kind experience even for RPA beginners

  • New product loader (includes auto checks for configurations and extensions)
  • Canva zoom in/out
  • Activities regrouped and renamed (for improved navigation)
  • Recorder added as a separate tool
ElectroNeek Bot Runner

Secure execution and unlimited scalability

  • Fully on-premise
  • Free distribution within your or your client infrastructure
  • Free unlimited bots running
ElectroNeek SaaS Orchestrator

Bridging SaaS and RPA in a seamless, secure way:

  • Upgraded and redesigned interface
  • Powered scheduling and management
  • Zapier integration with 2000+ applications and services
Other new features and updates
Web portal redesigned

Now all the products have their own cards and pages

Databases extended

Oracle database is now supported

Connection string parameter added to all DBs (allows to specify all the additional settings)

Elements’ import

Now all the products have their own cards and pages

.Neex files running in Bot Runner

We’ve made running the attended bots easier. Now you can run a .neex file across Bot Runner by just clicking a Run Bot button.

See the updated ElectroNeek Studio Pro, Bot Runner, and SaaS Orchestrator in action!

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