evangelizing rpa-as-a-service before it became a thing


Lila Benhammou, CEO and Founder of Humans4Help

Lila’s RPA journey began with her role in DXC technology as the head of South Europe’s ServiceNow team. She later decided to leave that role to fund Humans4Help as the sole investor at the end of 2017. She started as an RPA entrepreneur with experience in IT, marketing, and strategic positions and had a complete competitive knowledge landscape. Her focus and drive paved her path to building a successful MSP. Her team is moving towards significant business growth due to their partnership with ElectroNeek. Above all, she remains interested in improving her clients’ lives with technology solutions.

Humans4Help (H4H) is an early-stage MSP dedicated to the operational efficiency of its clients. The company deals with all the stages of the data, from exploring the data, extracting the data, automating the data, merging the data specs on the predictive, AI, Machine learning, to visualizing the data with some solutions like no-code-low-code.

Every client needs all the above stages of data, no matter the environment or sector. It is always important to know where the data is and engage with that data to make it more useful for sound business decisions.

Office of Humans4Help is located in Paris

In mid-2019, Lila started building a competitive technical intelligence focusing on new rising trends. She noticed that people spend a lot of time on tasks without being profitable and productive. It gave rise to the immense opportunities RPA offers and helped her build a foundation.

Finally, she decided to set up her MSP practice, Humans4Help, where she wanted to integrate all relevant technologies, which led her to engage with ElectroNeek through a webinar. Lila's team then tested ElectroNeek's early-stage ecosystem and RPA tools and worked with the product team to meet their existing clients' needs.

ElectroNeek's unique business model, focus on helping partners grow, and robust software products were all a perfect fit for her MSP Humans4Help. In 2019, she saw the market need for bots as a service on a subscription model much ahead of top competitors. With the focus on intelligent document processing, the company came up with its proprietary service called smartlayers. It laid the foundation for growth within the SMB markets.

After the initial interest and testing, Humans4Help purchased the Bronze tier partnership with ElectroNeek in early winter 2019.

Lila and H4H found an RPA vendor that fit their SMB clients' automation needs. The company planned to white-label ElectroNeek's RPA solutions with its unique intelligent document processing service. Such a partnership is beneficial for Humans4Help to generate and nurture more leads and deliver marketing and technical support, forming a joint business partnership.

With a worry about the price increase, she was hesitant to move forward, but on reaching out to Sergey, she could test the silver tier partnership. The trial phase displayed that ElectroNeek’s innovative product improvements were highly beneficial, and she purchased it.

It proved to be a perfect fit to facilitate Humans4Help to scale and put the RPA solution in a Cloud hosting and sell that as an MSP.

Humans4Help Team Meeting

With ElectroNeek's RPA solutions, Humans4Help provided robots as a service at 1,500 US dollars per month which is 15% less than the original solution, which is very affordable for the SMB sector. It effectively helped to be much more competitive in the market.

Other IDP solutions lacked the same level of accuracy, price, and scalability that Lila's company had with the support of ElectroNeek. She noted that ElectroNeek's support increased her confidence level as an MSP and is excited about the growth potential.

ElectroNeek Ecosystem allowed her access to customized tools, ElectroNeek's customer base, MSP success team, and the product team to improve the company's growth. Lila also noted, "It was an easy choice for us because ElectroNeek's business model is one of a kind and just so good.”

Humans4Help is taking advantage of the extended business support that ElectroNeek provides for MSPs. Lila and her team had the freedom to create subscription-pricing models to suit their clients' needs. Her team members collaborated with ElectroNeek to develop the business strategy, operating models, and intelligent automation solutions that served their scaling objectives.

On top of the RPA products provided, Lila and her development team met regularly with ElectroNeek's Product Team. The meetings involved talking about the technology gap in features of ElectroNeek's RPA tools, providing insight and feedback into the platform's growth in testing these tools to complete their client's automation projects.

Such collaboration allows Humans4Help to create RPA solutions that are faster-to-develop, affordable, and scalable — letting the MSP focus more on their clients and internal process improvement to grow faster.

Working with ElectroNeek's Partner Success team and other top partners, Humans4Help gained sales and marketing support for their RPA business. This support came in lead generation, which brings in many business opportunities.

With a lot of research and planning, Lila and her team at H4H have dedicated their time to overcoming any obstacles to ensure the future success of their new MSP. The strong partnership with ElectroNeek has started bringing in clients and plans for doubling their team in different locations such as Spain, Morocco, and Dubai.

Humans4Help sold their IDP and RPA solutions to a client involved in reading vehicle plates for car registrations. The client needed to get a lot of structured data from their customers and began using smartlayers together with ElectroNeek's RPA solutions to complete such a task quicker and more efficiently. The number of clients is increasing, and it is paving the way for the successful growth of Humans4Help.

Humans4Help Team

In the first three months as an ElectroNeek partner, Humans4Help:

  • Gained 3 clients immediately within two months of partnership.
  • EletroNeek's Online Academy assisted Humans4Help's developers in understanding the fundamentals of operating the solution.
  • Expanded H4H company and its number of team members with 25 RPA consultants.

In the first six months as an ElectroNeek partner, Humans4Help:

  • Achieved affordable pricing providing H4H a competitive edge in the SMB market.
  • Developed better profit margins.
  • The current H4H developers all used EletroNeek's Online Academy to learn to use the RPA tool faster.

Human4Help's vision is to keep scaling the MSP business within the SMB market space with promising potential and increasing clients. Lila is confident to reach a higher number of leads due to the market need, affordability, and the strong partnership with ElectroNeek. Recently H4H purchased The Silver Tier partnership with ElectroNeek to continue expansion into new regions and industries.

I'm very happy to collaborate with ElectroNeek as one of their main partners in Europe to develop more of our offerings to the SMB market and be able to scale with our MSP model that accelerates our growth along with increasing customer satisfaction. A must-have to any company wanting to accelerate its digital transformation. The product and its positioning are unique in the hyper-automation market, and the best is yet to come together!

Lila Benhammou

CEO and Founder, Humans4Help