NorthWind Digital:
bringing automation to mass market in EMEA and beyond


NorthWind Digital's founders had had a successful consulting career before starting their way into the automation market. For them, the SMB and SME segments represented a significant growth opportunity for the fragmented consulting market. Still, the big firms struggled to understand and target these in business automation.

The automation industry has garnered a notable increase in attention as a diverse and inclusive market. The founders had already envisaged how it would change the business landscape in the coming years. With the right mindset and understanding of the market gaps, they wanted to prove they would be successful even with small clients wishing to integrate automation in their businesses.

As they set out their strategy to offer automation to companies in the South African market, they realized that there is a strong disparity between established businesses and startups. These big names had acquired a more significant portion of the client base; however, the growth driven by SMBs, being the backbone of the economy, is highly emphasized in many markets.

The founders wanted to cater to South African businesses looking to achieve process excellence by deploying automation and enhancing operational efficiencies and competitiveness. It is how NorthWind Digital was formed in 2018 to revolutionize the way of doing business by improving the process, productivity, quality, and delivery for businesses of all sizes.

The founders came from a solid consulting background, with the CEO Adrian as an experienced Oracle consultant and the CTO Luis spending many years as an ERP consultant with EY. They had realized that the market was moving towards automation of the reporting side. Enterprise software makers had already introduced several great tools such as SAP HANA, but automation was the natural progression as the next stage for Luis and Adrian.

Luis’s initial involvement was with Blue Prism in 2018. He also joined the UiPath partner network as a silver member.

The company founders believed automation itself could not be a strategy. Automation is a tool that needs to be aligned with the clients' objectives, regardless of their size. So, they needed a vendor that could offer a rich source of technology, opportunities to sell and scale, and help them build a successful RPA practice. They compared several RPA vendors who could fulfill these requirements, and ElectroNeek was the clear winner.


Northwind Digital already operates in UK, Australia, South Africa and has plans to expand into US

NorthWind Digital joined hands with ElectroNeek in November 2020 and purchased the Bronze tier partnership. Their team saw the value during the demo session provided by ElectroNeek. NorthWind Digital wanted to find a way to accelerate digital transformation across enterprises, and ElectroNeek easily fulfilled this requirement. Its unique business model focused on enabling MSP partners to quickly scale and innovative automation products were a perfect fit for NorthWind Digital to expand within EMEA's SMB and SME markets.

Luis now enjoys a scalable automation solution powered by ElectroNeek to serve their clients better with customizable and fully scalable automation solutions. Luis wanted to build scalable and modular solutions for specific industries and sectors. It is well-positioned to do that with its close collaboration with ElectroNeek through in-depth training, marketing activities, lead generation, technical support, and by leveraging its flexible and extensible lineup of software solutions. NorthWind Digital SMB clients have been able to extract value a lot faster and at a much lower capital investment, thanks to ElectroNeek's beneficial business model.

Most importantly, Luis found a strategic RPA partner with a diverse and expanding portfolio they could closely collaborate with to offer superior automation solutions to clients across various departments, sectors, and industries.

ElectroNeek's global partnership program was the foundation of this relationship designed to enable NorthWind Digital to win more clients through co-marketing and co-selling efforts, expand the client base, and maximize satisfaction rates.

One of the earliest success stories for NorthWind Digital was the automation of invoice processing. Initially, Luis and the team started by automating the processing function for one or two Australian supermarket chains and helping them capture the invoice data the right way by implementing ElectroNeek bots. Initially, Luis deployed bots for one accounting software package. He is making the most of the extensible ElectroNeek platform after the successful initial pilot.

Currently, ElectroNeek bots are processing hundreds of invoices daily across multiple platforms. Thanks to ElectroNeek's scalable solution, Luis's team can deploy additional bots quickly at no extra costs.

Luis is looking forward to building a niche around invoice processing for specific markets by deploying ElectroNeek bots for various industries in different regions, especially in the Australian and South African markets.

Another latest project for Luis is the automation of candidates approval process for a client in Norway with the help of ElectroNeek. The client spends a lot of time on the candidates allocation for different industries across Norway. By implementing ElectroNeek bots, Luis will help this company save valuable time by collating candidates' information, updating it on their candidates portal, sending out notifications to relevant user groups, and posting the info on social media platforms.

In the first three months as an ElectroNeek partner, NorthWind Digital had:

  • Successfully graduated from ElectroNeek’s Online Academy and earned RPA certificates for their team of developers.
  • Worked with ElectroNeek’s Head of Partner Success to find new leads and drive these opportunities forward.
  • Expanded their technical expertise to develop industry-specific solutions.

In the first six months as an ElectroNeek partner, NorthWind Digital had:

  • Developed new MSP marketing content and campaigns to market their solutions by taking advantage of ElectroNeek’s business support.
  • Onboarded 5 clients.
  • Achieved a 3x return on investment being ElectroNeek’s bronze partner.

Heading into 2022, NorthWind Digital looks forward to bringing automation to the masses. They want to bust open the myth that automation is expensive and unattainable for SMBs and SMEs. Luis and his team want to bring in more SMB and SME clients via the ElectroNeek lead generation and nurturing initiatives. They will achieve this by offering ElectroNeek technology in an bots-as-a-service model and making automation accessible to businesses large and small.

By offering RPA-as-a-service, Luis will ensure that any business can leverage automation without substantial investment in technology and infrastructure. With ElectroNeek, Luis and NorthWind Digital will work on strategies to reach clients in different markets.

In ElectroNeek, Luis has found an RPA vendor that has helped them increase their product expertise so his team can address customer pain points more effectively, sell more to existing customers, and help expand the client base. And undoubtedly, NorthWind Digital is sure-fire ready to win with SMBs and SMEs.

With ElectroNeek we are many steps closer to achieving the goal of bringing automation to SMBs and SMEs in EMEA and globally. We believe that the moment has come for automation to become widespread, and we want to change how businesses operate all around the world.

Luis Dancuart

CTO at Northwind Digital