from automating own processes to start of MSP business

Alexander Selivanov

Alexander Selivanov, the founder of PPM, got acquainted with RPA when his business needed a tool to automate processes.

Alexander's company prepared and drew up all the necessary documents for the foreign specialists that worked in Russia. All processes involved filling in many forms, and it took about 30 minutes for each person. If there were a lot of employees for registration, then the process took several days. Therefore, the entrepreneur's task was to reduce the processing time down to 10 minutes.

Alexander started looking for optimization options and found information about ElectroNeek. He contacted the sales manager, shared his request and processes, watched a demo and how the product worked and decided to give it a try.

First, Alexander purchased a license for his company and saw the effectiveness of robotic process automation. He realized that he had to become an MSP and offer RPA as a service. In early 2021, he purchased a Bronze tier partnership and received the certificate of ElectroNeek Online Academy. The structure and mechanics of the technology seemed to Alexander to be logical and efficient, which made him even more inclined to develop his business as an MSP.

PPM Team

PPM Team

At the very beginning of partnership with ElectroNeek, Alexander received support and knowledge on how to efficiently launch his own RPA business and make money by automating processes for end clients. More than that PPM found ways to cooperate with another member of ElectroNeek Ecosystem – the Spurt company. Together with the CEO of Spurt, the partners' success manager shared cases and growth strategies. Alexander cooperates with Vyacheslav to this day. They jointly implement some complex projects for clients.

The further development of Alexander PPM's company has become easier mostly because of the lead distribution system of ElectroNeek. This is an essential point as most MSPs can't find a sufficient number of clients to recoup the investment immediately. Due to the long transaction cycle, you need to either focus only on finding customers, losing quality, or have an ample supply of funds for the first time to hire sales managers.

MSPs often do not have such resources in the early stages of work. Therefore, ElectroNeek took over this part of the work – finding clients.

Rapid growth and fast return on investment assured Alexander of the possibility of further success, and PPM purchased an upgrade to the Silver tier of partnership. At this stage, PPM works for clients from various fields and offers robots on a project basis: creating the software robot itself, service and support, automation of other business processes suitable for this. The team is developing a proposal for a subscription model for customers - this will be the next step in developing PPM.

 PPM is based in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

PPM is based in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

In the first 3 months of partnership with ElectroNeek, the PPM team:

  • Increased the number of developers to 4 people;
  • Got 100 leads from ElectroNeek.

In the first 6 months of partnership with ElectroNeek, the PPM team:

  • Recouped the investments into Bronze partnership tier package;
  • Reached 8% conversion of leads to won contracts.

Alexander and his team have excellent plans for the future: to develop more actively in the CIS, make the production of robots a massive ongoing process, and enter international markets.

The future of robots and artificial intelligence, which we saw in the films, has already arrived. And we are trying to explain to clients that today it is possible to optimize business processes using software bots to scale a business. And our partnership with ElectroNeek allows you to do it quickly and efficiently.

Alexander Selivanov

Founder of PPM