Simply Automate:
From beginning to tremendous success in the automation for SMB and SME markets in only 1 year

Introducing the next-gen RPA platform

Wilton Rogers's journey to becoming an RPA entrepreneur resulted from 25 plus years of experience in the industry. He had previously owned six different businesses and continued his learning by adding his twist on things. The first few years of Wilton's RPA journey involved working with enterprise clients, as it was only affordable to this sector. However, in the two and a half years that followed, his focus shifted towards SMB and SME sectors, a space with the best opportunity for growth, leading Wilton to quit his job and start again in 2019, giving rise to the beginnings of Simply Automate. Within one year Wilton and his team went from humble beginnings to super-fast business growth due to partnership with ElectroNeek.

Simply Automate operates out of Austin, Texas, US

Simply Automate operates out of Austin, Texas, US

Being a fresh new MSP can be hard, and Wilton began the search for a vendor that would allow him to not only keep the business afloat, but also scale. The search for vendor opportunities led Simply Automate to ElectroNeek. Wilton’s team then tested ElectroNeek's ecosystem and RPA tools to see if it would work for their existing clients. The unique business model, focus on helping partners to grow and robust software products proved to be a perfect fit for Simply Automate. The foundation for rapid growth within the SME and SMB markets was found.

After the initial interest and testing, Simply Automate purchased the Bronze tier partnership with ElectroNeek in December 2020.

Wilton and Simply Automate found an RPA vendor to provide SMBs with automation solutions on several levels. Such a partnership enabled Simply Automate to leverage the business and technical support provided by the Bronze Tier partnership program. ElectroNeek helped generate and nurture more leads and deliver marketing and technical support, forming a joint business partnership.

One of the earliest success stories for Simply Automate included completing an invoice processing POC for a client in just two weeks with the aid of ElectroNeek. Saving their client over 60 hours a week increased its ROI to 370% in March 2021. As of the end of 2021, the company continues automating more and more of the same client's business processes. The above success story laid the foundation for a strong partnership between Simply Automate and ElectroNeek.

Additionally, Simply Automate implemented ElectroNeek’s bots for one of its clients, a small law firm. Before automating, the law firm employees manually collected the relevant document information from multiple sources, resulting in many errors and misinformation. ElectroNeek’s bots provided an end-to-end solution automating the entire process of preparing case documents speeding up the whole process, and eliminating errors. Allowing Simply Automate to accelerate the law firm's operational cycle by 70%, eliminated human errors, and enabled return on investment in only two months.

Gaining initial success at Bronze Tier, Wilton upgraded to Silver Tier partnership within ElectroNeek Ecosystem, thus opening new options and opportunities for the company's growth. With this the successful and rapid growth of Simply Automate was secured.

Simply Automate Dev:PM Team

Simply Automate Dev:PM Team

Simply Automate took advantage of the extended business support that ElectroNeek provides for MSPs. Wilton and his team had the freedom to create subscription-pricing models to suit his clients' needs. Collaborating alongside ElectroNeek's Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Dmitry Karpov, Simply Automate developed the business strategy, operating models, and intelligent automation solutions that best suited its growth objectives.

Wilton Rogers and Rob Howze, Product Manager, participate in ElectroNeek's webinar "From Zero to RPA implementation in 30 Days. Management, Technology, and Common Pitfalls".

On top of the RPA products provided, Wilton and his development team met regularly with ElectroNeek's Product Team. The meetings involved talking about features of ElectroNeek's RPA tools, providing insight and feedback into the platform's growth in using these tools to complete their client's automation projects. This collaboration ultimately allowed Simply Automate to create RPA solutions that are faster-to-develop and scalable — allowing the MSP to focus more on their clients and internal process improvement to grow faster.

Collaborating with ElectroNeek's Partner Success team and other top partners, Simply Automate gained sales and marketing support for their RPA business. This support came in lead generation, which brought in many business opportunities within the first six months of the partnership.

Simply Automate Ops Team

Simply Automate Ops Team

This partnership with ElectroNeek laid the strong foundation for Simply Automate’s success, allowing the company to scale and be highly productive. By offering support like no other vendor, ElectroNeek fulfilled the promise of helping MSPs like Simply Automate grow and secure more revenue. Such a strategy and partnership brought tremendous growth.

Wilton recognizes significant importance of partnership with ElectroNeek for his business existence

Wilton recognizes significant importance of partnership with ElectroNeek for his business existence

In the first three months as an ElectroNeek partner, Simply Automate:

  • Got an immediate return on investment within two months of partnership.
  • EletroNeek’s Online Academy assisted Simply Automate’s developers in understanding the core principles of operating the solution
  • Expanded their company and number of employees.

In the first six months as an ElectroNeek partner, Simply Automate:

  • Achieved a 10x return on investment.
  • Saw a 400% growth in revenue.
  • Increased the number of clients from 7 to 29.
  • Got 27 more leads, out of which four big contract leads converted into clients amounting to 100,000 USD in revenue.
  • The current seven developers all used EletroNeek’s Online Academy to learn how to use the RPA tool faster.

With such success and increase in clients, Simply Automate’s vision is to keep growing to become a 100 million dollar MSP within the SMB and SME market space. Wilton is confident to reach such high numbers due to the high closing ratio of leads and the strong partnership with ElectroNeek. He found that most clients that have tried their service have always converted and never looked back.

The Silver Tier partnership with ElectroNeek has changed Wilton's company, Simply Automate's future for the better.

Last year around this time, we had only seven clients before signing with ElectroNeek. Now by the end of 2021, we will have 42 clients. We went from 7 to 42 clients in just one year, tripling our income. With our partnership with ElectroNeek, we aim to sign over 200 more clients by next year. We now have clients from all over the globe and this would have never been possible without the partnership and support of ElectroNeek.

Wilton Rogers

CEO and Founder, Simply Automate