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Simply Automate: How ElectroNeek’s Platform Changed the Game for Simply Automate

Simply Automate’s Journey Begins

As the world becomes increasingly automated, more business tasks have been improved with automation. Automation has freed up businesses' time to focus on higher-value activities that require complex decision-making skills such as developing customer relationships or focusing on strategy for their company.

Today, Simply Automate is a leader within the B2B and B2C markets, catering to organizations of all sizes. Simply Automate works with various automation tools and has worked with expert RPA vendors who can handle any process that could possibly be automated.

Simply Automate distinguishes an advanced blend of extensive experience, deep-rooted knowledge of automation, a comprehensive understanding of business processes, information-gathering capability, and swiftness in building and deploying RPA processes. IT Services Providers are renowned in the industry for automating backend processes, leveraging years of experience working on multiple projects

We spoke with Wilton Rodgers, the CEO, and Nipuna Dissanayaka, CTO of Simply Automate about how the ElectroNeek platform changed their business for the better.

Wilton Rogers, CEO & Founder of Simply Automate has one of the most inspiring success stories as an RPA entrepreneur.

Wilton Rogers began his journey in the RPA industry in 2017. For years, he worked as an IT software consultant, focused on enterprise clients. He had no prior experience working with developers’ technical applications and was amazed by RPA technology. As an entrepreneur, he saw the possibilities it could open up for him and his company.

Wilton had already experienced highs and lows in the business world during the early 2000s. He sees these years of ups and downs as a positive learning experience for future growth.

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Until recently, automation was only affordable to big enterprises. In 2017, Wilton noticed untapped growth potential in the SMB markets, so he took a leap of faith: quitting his job, and starting his company Simply Automate, with a mission of working with small and medium-sized businesses. His next task was to determine which platform would be the best fit to serve this demand.

It was a long road working with traditional RPA vendors until they finally discovered ElectroNeek. The challenge: for small and medium business owners, the RPA solution that was built under traditional RPA platforms was too expensive. Another issue was demonstrating the value of automation to these potential clients - they failed to see the need to automate workflow. Wilton understood he needed a vendor that helped him tackle this market with more affordable products and a different business model - one that made sense to SMBs.

Why ElectroNeek?

Simply Automate worked with several other vendors prior to ElectroNeek. However, there were some key differences, and it became clear that ElectroNeek was the best fit for his business and small business clients.

“The ElectroNeek team builds an ecosystem like no other. Being part of that is huge!” said Wilton Rogers.

The Main Advantages of ElectroNeek

Pricing Model with a Competitive Edge

Unlike other RPA vendors, the ElectroNeek ecosystem empowers you to build an unlimited number of bots, without any additional license costs. This means that Simply Automate was able to provide better pricing for clients, setting them up to be highly competitive.

Support for Launch

ElectroNeek provided continuous support to Simply Automate, throughout the RPA implementation process.

Tools for Growth

ElectroNeek's Business Hub provides assets and collateral to help scale up the business.

Subscription Model that Serves a Bigger Market

ElectroNeek is the only RPA vendor to provide a subscription model. This model allows MSPs to offer IT services to their customers at a favorable price, which is essential if your primary customers are SMB businesses.

Nipuna Dissanayaka, the Chief Technology Officer at Simply Automate, also works directly with the ElectroNeek platform and has experience with other automation vendors. He says, “One of the main reasons why we chose ElectroNeek as our vendor was their excellent customer service! ElectroNeek is always there to help, which is very important when you are just starting out in building your RPA business.”

Customer Support is Key

The relationship with Simply Automate is a two-way process. The client chooses the MSP, but the MSP also chooses the client. Wilton Rogers says that the company is open to collaborating with businesses interested in automation and willing to invest time and money in it. This approach will help establish long-term relationships and identify additional processes for automation.

Today Simply Automate offers their clients a multi-subscription option that includes everything from design, development, deployment, and monitoring, to support and maintenance of the bot.

“We thoroughly analyze our client's processes and challenges and educate them on the RPA best practices accordingly,” notes Wilton Rogers. “Our success is rooted in lessons learned from failures. We pass the knowledge on to clients to smoothen their RPA journey.”

How Simply Automate Uses the ElectroNeek platform to Help Small Businesses

One of the earliest success stories for Simply Automate included an invoice processing bot. It took Simply Automate two weeks to create their first ElectroNeek RPA bot. As a result of the new automation, their client saved over 60 employee hours a week.

Simply Automate implemented an ElectroNeek bot for one of their law firm clients. Previously, law firm employees manually collected case documents from multiple sources. This resulted in many errors and missing information. Using ElectroNeeks bots, Simply Automate automated the entire case preparation process which eliminated any errors. This resulted in Simply Automate increasing the law firm’s operational cycle by 70%.

“We identify a manual process to be automated and create a workflow to compare the process with its automated counterpart, enabling clients to measure ROIs before going into development.”

Wilton Rodgers, CEO & Founder

Simply Automate continued to achieve success as an IT Service Provider by focusing on back-office processes. One of their clients, a large grocery store, found it daunting to manage thousands of invoices every day. They utilized ElectroNeek’s platform to automate their client’s invoice processing assignments, which resulted in the company saving $14,000 per month on labor costs.

Simply Automate had worked with a small business with two employees. Wilton notes, “We automated their tasks and we were able to save them about 40 hours of their time.”

Simply Automate recognized the growing need for automation solutions across other industries in the Austin area. 

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Located in Austin, Texas, Simply Automate delivers RPA solutions for customers across the central Texas area.

Simply Automate Client Cost Savings

Invoice Processing Bot Labor Savings60 hours / week
Law Firm Automation ResultsIncreased operational cycle by 70%
Grocery Store Labor Savings$14,000 / month
Small Business Labor Savings40 hours / month
Client RPA Software Savings$8,000 - $9,000 / month
Business w/ $1M RevenuePotential Savings of 10-20% of total revenue

Another Simply Automate client was spending too much on their current RPA software. High costs are bad for businesses, but especially for smaller businesses that are less able to absorb these costs, resulting in them cutting corners elsewhere. By working with ElectroNeek, Simply Automate has been able to move two processes to the ElectroNeek platform, saving the company $8,000 - $9,000 per month on just those two processes.

Wilton says, “If a business has at least five or six employees, we can save them money, by saving them time.” Wilton estimates, “If your company has millions of dollars in revenue, we can help you save about $100,000 - $200,000 per year in labor costs.”

“Businesses have specific criteria for success: it's time and money that we help save our clients,” - said Nipuna Dissanayaka. Nipuna adds, “We work well with property management companies. For example, we helped one of our clients in this field to optimize their staff from five people to two, which naturally led to budget savings.”

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  • A better understanding of automation technology no matter where you are in your journey.
  • Know where to best implement automation for a fast ROI.
  • Have the resources and guidelines for a smooth deployment.
  • Learn the secrets of RPA so you can avoid delays and errors in the future.
  • Know how to maximize automation without changing your current processes or software.
  • And so much more!

Simply Automate Wins New Customers with Thought Leadership

Simply Automate helps its clients see value in automation in these three steps.

  1. They explain to their clients what RPA is, and what are the benefits of this technology.
  1. They provide information on the future of automation in the context of business processes.
  1. They calculate the ROI and cost savings through RPA implementation.
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“This domain is growing, and incredible opportunities are opening up for IT entrepreneurs who are going to build a business in the automation area,” states Nipuna.

Moreover, according to a study by Xerox in 2021 80% of SMB leaders saw automating tasks and processes as important to their survival.

“RPA is a great opportunity for many IT entrepreneurs to build a digital business!” - concludes Wilton Rogers. “And if you choose a vendor like ElectroNeek, you will receive great support from their team.”

“We went from 7 clients to signing on hundreds worldwide! Businesses need to know it. ElectroNeek - these guys are game changers!”
Wilton RodgersCEO of Simply Automate Inc.

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