from regional MSP to global market player

Vyacheslav Lazarev, CEO of Spurt

Vyacheslav Lazarev, CEO of Spurt and IT entrepreneur quit university in 2005 and started his exciting journey to the IT business. Now his company Spurt has more than 100 clients, a team of developers, and impressive goals ahead. But in 2015, when Vyacheslav heard about RPA for the first time he couldn't even think that this technology can bring something more than just internal process automation.

Vyacheslav's first company was engaged in the sale of electronic submission of reports to companies and helped with tax returns automation for entrepreneurs. Later, Vyacheslav decided to try new services – online cash registers. He turned out to be one of the pioneers in the implementation of such a service, which helped the company to quickly become the leading one in the region.

At that point, the company grew very fast and Vyacheslav began to think about the next big steps and scaling. He already knew about robotic process automation technology and thought it could be a good way to reduce operating costs and scale the business. He couldn't even imagine that it could grow into a whole new business for his team.

Spurt operates in CIS out Moscow, Russian Federation

Spurt operates in CIS out Moscow, Russian Federation

Vyacheslav started to search for RPA-vendors: international and local ones. The ElectroNeek website was the first that attracted his attention. He filled the form and booked a demo to discover the platform opportunities. Vyacheslav chose ElectroNeek for the internal tasks and processes.

The next step of collaboration ElectroNeek began when Vyacheslav purchased the Bronze partnership to start his new business unit based on RPA. It was the time of lockdown and pandemics, his main business dropped dramatically. Clients stopped renewing contracts for using online cash registers due to unpredictability, new clients did not appear either. Vyacheslav began to look for new ways of development and realized that he could use his expertise in automation and start his RPA business. Together with his CTO, they've developed the whole new unit.

Having started working as an MSP Vyacheslav faced two problems: choosing his business model and the fact that people did not understand the benefits of using robotic automation. They had to explain to clients why to use RPA and how it optimizes the business processes.

Choosing a vendor is a crucial step for every MSP, it's fundamental for the further success of the company. Since Vyacheslav was happy with the well-built communication, the willingness to listen to ideas and suggestions, the wide functionality of the platform, ease of use, and flexible pricing policy at ElectroNeek – there was no need to search for another vendor.

ElectroNeek ecosystem of innovative products enables to build, deploy and manage software robots for companies of any size and have flexible integrations which perfectly fit the needs of Spurt.

This, coupled with ElectroNeek's revolutionary license-free bot business model, has allowed Spurt to scale quickly and adapt its business model for better results. After the change in ElectroNeek's focus – to leverage MSPs in 2020 – it became obvious to Vyacheslav that it will now be much easier to work with clients and offer cost-effective conditions.

Spurt team

Spurt Team

After the change of business model with a focus on MSPs, ElectroNeek started to put joint business and technical efforts with partners. That made the growth of many partners, including Spurt, easier and faster. MSPs receive the full range of support and business consultations on better price models, strategy, and entering new markets. Through the partnership with ElectroNeek, Spurt received qualified leads and signed the first 7 agreements with the subscription model.

With the first contracts, Vyacheslav realized he wanted to scale and receive more new clients. Moreover, he aimed to sell out-of-the-box solutions for the typical tasks and processes of the clients. To achieve these goals faster he needed more studios as well as joint co-marketing and co-branding opportunities. With this in mind, he decided to upgrade to the Gold partnership tier in July of 2021. It took Spurt less than half a year not only to make a return of investment for Gold partnership, but also to reach impressive numbers in contracts for the subscription pricing model with their end clients.

In the first three months as ElectroNeek Gold Tier partner, Spurt…

  • Closed 30 client contracts via ElectroNeek lead generation.
  • Successfully created fast and efficient onboarding for the developers with the help of ElectroNeek Online Academy – to educate the new RPA developers.
  • Came up with its own LMS and inner RPA knowledge base to raise the skills of his team

In the first six months as an ElectroNeek partner, Spurt…

  • Started working with Enterprise leads from ElectroNeek – 10 agreements were signed.
  • Raised the quality of clients relations management.
  • 70% of the clients are signed for the subscription pricing model.
  • Achieved a 2,5x return on investment in the ElectroNeek Gold partnership tier.

The number of clients is constantly growing, today Spurt has more than 100 clients from Enterprise and SMB. They've changed their approach from a single bot solution and simple process automation to the whole scale automation projects – they want to become a one-stop-shop for their clients and build long-term partnerships.

The success alongside ElectroNeek pushed Spurt further into new markets. Heading into 2022, Vyacheslav plans to expand further into the United States. They've already had some cases working for US clients and in 2022 they want to expand their portfolio and establish a company in the US.

The main goal of Vyacheslav is to create an international company – MSP of new technologies (RPA / AI / OCR), which will make the work of people easier, optimize business processes and help entrepreneurs and top managers build successful businesses.

To talk numbers, Vyacheslav has an ambitious goal of $2 mln revenue from the subscription model clients only.

There are people behind any company, and for me, the most important thing is how communication is built during the partnership. ElectroNeek team always supports us and is ready to help with any issues and questions, whether it's technical requests, marketing, or sales. In addition, we were impressed by the intuitive platform interface, ElectroNeek has the most simple yet powerful interface and innovative products. We have been with ElectroNeek for almost 3 years and now we have strong positioning, found the niche, and grow fast with the help of ElectroNeek leads and constant support. And I know it's only the beginning, we can do much more and become the most successful MSP partner of ElectroNeek!

Vyacheslav Lazarev

CEO&Founder, Spurt