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The Digital Leaf team of solution designers, architects and developers is young, agile and enjoys collaboration. Our strength lies in our domain knowledge of RPA, digital transformation and AI.

Our founder has over 15 years of experience in leveraging technology for business process improvement. ​

We are a digital transformation strategy and consulting company, leveraging our expertise in hyperautomation to build solutions for large and small firms, anywhere in the world.​

We firmly believe RPA will have a huge impact on the way businesses operate. RPA can transform business processes and significantly reduce the number of manual, repetitive tasks performed by employees across business functions. Our RPAaaS solutions are designed to offer these benefits without the expense and maintenance commitment associated with buying the technology.​

Through our partnership with ElectroNeek, we have reached out to clients who were skeptical about RPA, to demonstrate how the technology can be used and the ROI that can be achieved from leveraging it.​

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Asia and Pacific

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