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Solvian Tecnologia

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Solvian is an innovative, high technology company, whose mission is to enable increased efficiency and operational quality of its customers, through online solutions and insights, using the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and BI, for Environment Monitoring, Operations Management and Customer Experience serving Brazil and Latin America.

We have solutions for Cx (Customer Experience), Operations / Facilities Management, IoT Monitoring, via SaaS for Environment Quality, Cold Chain / Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Flow of people, Vibration (Motors and Rotary Machinery), Geolocation, Utilities (Water, Power, Gas), UPS, Generators and Monitoring and Inspection with Drones and Autonomous Robots with AI for various market segments: Industry 4. 0, Retail 4.0, Telecommunications, Utilities, Mining, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Workplace (corporate slabs, Offices), Pharma 4.0, DataCenters, among others.

We are part of the ATMA group, listed on B3, ATMP3, one of the largest employers in Brazil.

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Central and South America

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