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Established in 2011, UP IT Services emerged as a company dedicated to developing customized web solutions and mobile device applications focused on electronic document management.

After completing its first year of life, we received the invitation to include another expertise in our portfolio, the development of software to ship on multifunction printers, coming to participate in the BSD Summit 2012 event. Today we work on the development for printers of the main market players.

With the control over the origin of the document, its capture, we saw the need to expand the power of our tools and in this process, our team studied several OCR and OMR tools. These tools have brought a great know-how to UP IT Services in document management.

Over the years, the continuous evolution of our team has led us to successfully navigate other areas, the RPA, starting with open source tools we delivered projects of great value to our customers.

More recently, we finalized the partnership with ECM/ BPM company, further increasing our range of services.

Our business regions are:

Central and South America

We support these languages:


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