ElectroNeek 4.0 Phoenix Release

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ElectroNeek 4.0 Phoenix Release further simplifies the Enterprise automation by providing presets for popular use cases and expanding out-of-the-box RPA and AI capabilities. Now clients can achieve a higher automation ROI in a shorter time frame, saving up to 40% of the budget on enterprise automation. Phoenix Release lowers the barriers for new entrants in the Robotic Process Automation journey and allows experienced automation leaders to build complex, intelligent bots faster at a lower cost.

What’s new?

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Free Bot Marketplace

Get ready-to-use bot presets to design bots in minutes

ElectroNeek is adding a set of reusable bots (‘Automation Recipes’) that require minimum additional configuration to finalize and deploy for your automations. Recipes will address such popular automation cases as working with scanned docs or Microsoft Excel, web scraping, data migration and others, saving bot design time and effort, and speeding up adoption by new users. All accessible inside ElectroNeek Platform, no external marketplaces or integrations required. Detailed configuration guidance for each Automation Recipe.

Building complex bots has never been simpler

Now everyone can automate repetitive actions with spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel and other Tables Automation

Automate any work with spreadsheets and databases without coding

ElectroNeek combined all the automation functions for Excel and Google Spreadsheets in one group and provided users with a visual editor to create tables, extract and enter data, work with formulas and other data manipulation and analysis (like comparing columns and finding data inconsistencies). The visual table editor can work with tables of any types, including SQL databases.

Unstructured Data Recognition and Classification

Out-of-the-box processing of invoices, IDs, passports and other standard docs

ElectroNeek can extract standard data like invoice $ figure or date without any programmatic set up or template mapping, because our solution is already trained to find and copy relevant data from any type of invoices. Works for major standard documents like invoices, passports and etc.

Set up Optical Character Recognition workflows in minutes with no code

Building desktop automations made as easy as a user screen recording

Automation Steps Recorder

Build sequences of automated actions by recording clicks with new ElectroNeek Picker

ElectroNeek is providing users with the opportunity to record a sequence of actions in a seamless way, using simple Desktop applications element picker to automatically create workflows from user clicks on the screen. As the resulting workflow steps do not require any additional adjustment or coding, this new feature simplifies creating bots not only for the first-time users but also accelerates the development of complex multi-step automations.

Intelligent web scraper

Automate bulk copying of data from webpages, coding free

ElectroNeek is expanding its set of visual tools and advanced no-code features to make everyone capable of building web scraping workflows. Resulting automations will take only the data you need from the websites, for instance, periodically extracting pricing data from the pages of your competitors. Just click on the data you want the bot to extract to train it distinguish these data points from other website texts and interface elements.

Effective web scraping with a click of a mouse

Other new features and updates

New, completely redesigned Orchestrator to make bot management and scheduling easier and more intuitive
Microsoft Internet Explorer is set as base enterprise browser

And much more

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