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Document Classification

Automatically classify document types using text mining and AI-powered robots

The easiest-to-use Document Classification

Document Classification allows users to build simple workflows for out-of-the-box standard document classification (invoices, passports, IDs, etc.), training robots to recognize new standard docs (structured but aren’t in the system yet) and efficient work with Unstructured data.

With document classification ElectroNeek robots can also enter extracted data into the corporate systems of your enterprise – Salesforce, Oracle, or others.

The easiest-to-use Document Classification

Boost productivity by compressing time spent on paperwork

The ElectroNeek document classification reduces time spent on paperwork and extracting necessary data from any digital documents, including images and scans. Users can build a simple workflow to set the rules for corporate document classification and move on to other tasks. This way, instead of wasting hours on repetitive operations, people can pay more attention to creative projects and analytical assignments.

Easy-to-use automation building canvas for non-technical users

The ElectroNeek Studio is an intuitive automation tool for business process automation. Using drag-and-drop functionality, even non-IT specialists are able to build automation workflows and let Robots handle corporate document classification, streamlining data flow and enhancing automation scaling in the organization.
Easy-to-use automation building canvas for non-technical users

Want to try Document Classification in your work environment?

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