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Manual processing of digital documents is a common inefficiency across enterprises, accounting for 80% of manual data entry tasks

Challenges we address

Time-consuming tasks


Employees spend hours of their productive time on:

  • Documents recognition
  • Manual data entry
  • Data reconciliation and reformatting

Human errors

Manual document recognition and hand-keyed data entry often lead to:

  • Disrupted processes
  • Lost revenues
  • Increasing regulatory risks

Low employee morale


Organizations burdened with mundane manual documents processing commonly observe:

  • Declining employee productivity
  • Increasing turnover

Chaotic document processing


Handling different document types in dispersed desktop apps, legacy systems and SaaS

  • Decreases traceability and accountability
  • Rises overall workload
Sounds familiar?

100s+ customers from Finance, Operations, HR in Banking, Insurance, Oil & Gas, and other industries have already overcome their business challenges with ElectroNeek Documents Hub

Convert, map and verify any data from any type of documents

Use code-free drag and drop tools to process data from on-premise and web-based applications: upload documents, convert them into the formats you need, recognize and match data source fields with the target ones, remove duplicates, eliminate redundant data, fill in missing data and easily connect it with all the most popular database providers using native integrations.

We have a wide range of ready-to-use standard documents processing tools + a variety of customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Invoices & Receipts
  • Automate the processing of data from invoices: dates, totals, line items, references, and other details
  • Use intuitive data extraction tools for both structured and unstructured documents in receipts of different sizes, layouts, and formats
Featured cases: Finance, Accounting, Banking and Oil & Gas
IDs & Passports
  • Use optical character recognition to recognize various IDs and passports, as well as other official identity documents
  • Extract data (nationality, date of birth, expiry date, etc.) and use it for your business needs
Featured cases: Insurance, Banking, Travel and Visa services

Tax forms

  • Upload your tax documents, see readable text and extract data or use it for human decision-making processes.
  • Extract the data from your systems and classify tax forms based on pre-defined rules
  • Automate tax bill processing, including ensuring correctness and requesting checks

Featured cases: Taxes and Accounting

Vehicle registration/Insurance

  • Extract relevant information from insurance documents and input it into the relevant system to streamline claim processing
  • Automate VINs decoding and link documents data to appropriate vehicles

Featured cases: Insurance, Banking and Dealerships

Bank Statements

  • Recognize data from PDF bank statements and physical images
  • Customize parsing rules and filters to extract the transactions data and store it on-premises or using Cloud integrations

Featured cases: Banking, Accounting

Land records

  • Convert handwritten and unstructured land paper documents and registers into recognizable data
  • Search for and retrieve metadata and document images of land patents

Featured cases: Legal and Banking

Court records

  • Manage physical and electronic court records by reducing repetitive data entry tasks, improving data quality, and reducing paper flow
  • Automate fulfillment of active case file requests

Featured cases: Legal and Banking

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Benefits documents processing brings to your company
Elimination of human errors
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Improved productivity
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How we do it
Step 1

Upload a document to Documents Hub manually or set up an automated data transfer using Zapier or RPA tools

Step 2

Create processing template: select specific fields to be recognized from a document, define a critical value for a confidence level

Step 3

Select the target destination for the recognised data: Excel file, automation tools (RPA/Zapier) or ERP/CRM systems (Salesforce, SAP, etc.)

Step 4

Launch ongoing uninterrupted automatic documents recognition and processing

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25x faster, 80% cheaper

than manual digital documents processing

Unstructured data processing

Many use cases require automation of 99% of the document flow, which typically requires customization of standard solutions for unstructured document processing. Some use cases require building scalable/outsourced human-in-the-loop processes. In both cases, we can help you achieve your business goals by bringing in our trusted partners for custom documents handling:

Native integrations

Documents Hub works with any Microsoft Office Suite tools, for instance, extracting data to Ms Excel and launching automated workflows with Microsoft Flow

Extend your ERP potential with easy SAP and Oracle integration

Automatically convert documents of any format into useful table fields with our data extraction tools

Use Dropbox integration to operate your documents data with cloud solutions safely.

Salesforce integration allows you to automatically input the extracted data into CRM and create actionable data with a wave of the hand

Speed up your workflows using Zapier integration and automate the switches among your apps, making the processes easier

Automate activities in the cloud and on-premises applications using our Workato integration

Use Documents Hub for your own software through our REST API integration

Custom webhooks allow you to forward the multi-formatted documents to any HTTP/HTTPS endpoint

Legacy systems

Graphic User Interface automation tools that imitate human actions can work with almost any type of applications


Use browsers integration to automate data entry in web forms and SaaS tools.


Use native integration with globally-recognized ElectroNeek’s Robotic Process Automation tools to automate data entry in any computer system.


Our pricing is flexible and linked to the volume of documents processed.

Scale your operations and pay up to $0.40 for 1,000 documents.

Ready for RPA?

Take the best of robots using RPA tools for complex documents processing tasks

Automate data entry from documents to any system
Build flexible GUI/API workflows triggered by documents’ data
Human-in the loop workflows for data validation and approvals
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Nik Shah, EY, Americas Innovation, Chief of Staff

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Our pricing is flexible and linked to the volume of documents processed.

Scale your operations and pay up to $0.40 for 1,000 documents.

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