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Optical Character Recognition in RPA

Process digital documents data more efficiently with programmed robots and AI

Digital document processing with OCR is up to 10 times faster than when performed manually

Presentation recognition

Out-of-the-box Document Processing with OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the technology that transforms images into machine-encoded text. With OCR, users can swiftly extract data from scanned documents and PDFs, let robots recognize it and transfer it to the final destination (CRM, spreadsheet, etc.). OCR is an area of research in AI, pattern recognition, and machine vision.

ElectroNeek allows users to efficiently recognize necessary data from any digital document without any programmatic setup or template mapping, create a simple workflow to classify it as standard (invoices, passports, IDs, etc.), new standard (structured but isn’t in the system yet), or unstructured and enter it into the corporate systems of your enterprise – Salesforce or others.
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Speed up work processes

Speed up work processes

The automated data recognition with OCR helps enterprises save up to 70% of work time spent on processes related to creating and updating existing documents and extracting necessary data from any digital files, including images and scanned documents, which is essential during report creation, security checks, customer onboarding and other standard business processes.

Improve customer experience

OCR helps businesses provide better customer experience by shortening the time spent on document recognition and classification, providing necessary information more accurately and in time. It also makes a room for a better support of unique client needs because agents are freed from time-consuming routine tasks with documentation and are able to focus on customer satisfaction.

Improve customer experience

Enterprise-grade benefits from using OCR

Reduce the risk of human errors with document processing by 70%

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Reduce costs spent on manual document processing by 40%

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Improve productivity of document-related tasks by 65%

Set up Optical Character Recognition workflow in minutes with no code!

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