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Out-of-the-box processing of any standard documents

Enhance processing of standard documentation with AI-powered bots
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ElectroNeek Standard Document Processing

Wouldn’t it be great if software robots could process high-volume standard documents, like invoices, receipts, IDs, or tax forms in seconds? To save your employees from tedious, repetitive tasks and process data 100% accurately and up to 10 times faster than it’d be done manually.

ElectroNeek helps your robots do just that. Delegate more of your digital paperwork to powerful programmed robots, with an extra boost from AI to streamline work processes with standard documents.

Raise the efficiency of document-based business processes

Digital document processing reduces time spent on extraction and entry of the necessary data from any documents that ElectroNeek Robots are trained to recognize as standard. Thus, while bots accurately perform repetitive, routine tasks with documents, employees can spend valuable time on more analytical operations.

Streamline onboarding and improve customer satisfaction

The ElectroNeek helps enterprises enhance customer experience by reducing waiting time, the number of onboarding processes and providing individual client support, strengthening relations with existing customers and building an effective workflow with standard documents.

Train your robots on the way

The processing of standard documents requires the use of intelligent programmed robots so that we use machine learning models to enhance your bots with AI and train them to classify more documents and standardize them. 

train your robots

Want to efficiently process loads of data from standard documents and improve your ROI in the first year?

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