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Unstructured Data Management

Manage high-volume unstructured data with AI-powered programmed robots
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Unstructured Data

Wouldn’t it be great if software robots could process data from not only standard documents but also unstructured data, like cheques or emails? To save your employees from time-consuming, tedious digital paperwork, and processing data even from PDFs, images, and scanned documents?

Automated unstructured data processing helps your robots do just that. Any relevant information, even invoices $ figure can be efficiently processed by AI-powered programmed robots 24/7.

A high level of understanding accuracy reduces the number of errors

The automated processing of unstructured data from any type of documents, including images, handwriting, emails, PDFs and even scanned documents, speeds up data flow and business processes around it, improving data management and increasing company productivity.


Increase enterprise competitiveness through AI-enabled cost savings

Reducing time spent on unstructured data processing enterprises saves operational costs and redeploys skilled employees towards more analytical and strategic operations. Our clients have seen a reduction in processing time for high-value business applications of as high as 80%.

Ease of use and connectivity for highly specialized business needs

Our platform and Studio are easy to use for both developers and non-technical domain experts where they can train ElectroNeek robots to search and extract the specific data you are looking for.


Want to efficiently process unstructured data and reduce operating costs in the first months?

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