Industry: Alcohol

Beluga swiftly sets up new software in IT infrastructure using ElectroNeek

About Beluga Group:

BELUGA GROUP is a large spirits company. The business’s philosophy of Beluga is grounded in consumer focus, leadership, innovation, global approach and personal growth. The company has more than 9000 employees and distributes its products to 80 countries in 5 continents.


IT department employees in a global spirits company spend a significant amount of time on setting up a workstation for employees and installing various software in the client’s IT infrastructure.

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Bots execute automated tasks in:

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Automated process

The implemented robot establishes the necessary list of software. It sets up the mail service and performs several operations required to configure workstation parameters, saving several hours of monotonous manual work of an employee.


Reduced bottlenecks in the employee onboarding process

One member of a dedicated IT team can onboard 6 new employees per day, reducing the onboarding process's cost by 60%

Achievements and future plans

Beluga’s IT department streamlined the installation of software, which helped its employees to concentrate on system consistency, cybersecurity measures, and operational work processes. It also allows Beluga to provide better customer service experience, strengthening relationships with clients and stepping up in the international market. The company plans to automate more tasks using ElectroNeek Automation Hub.

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