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Epiroc automated order routing and billing with ElectroNeek’s bots

About Electrolux

Electrolux Group is a leading global appliance company that places the consumer in the first place. The brands, including Electrolux, sell around 60 million household products in more than 150 markets every year. Electrolux has been doing business since 1919. The headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden.


The management system of a global logistics fleet for the delivery of household and professional equipment is inefficient. Numerous manual operations are in the backup system. As a result, the efficiency of the fleet is significantly lower than it needs to be.

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Bots execute automated tasks in:

Automated process

The robot built in ElectroNeek Studio analyzes the workload of trucks tracked in the fleet management system and schedules downtime and truck routes. After that, the robot creates the necessary supporting documentation for the delivery.

As a result, an automatic system for backup and control of the logistics system is created.


Shorter accounts receivables cycle

Improved fleet utilization, leading to the increase of the whole logistics department operating efficiency

14 000+ hours of manual work a year saved across the management team, which means that people can focus on analytical and strategic tasks

Achievements and future plans

The logistics department elevated workflow by adding an automatic system for backup and control of the business processes, which did not require any changes into the current IT infrastructure of the Electrolux. As a result, the payment cycle became faster and more efficient, which led to the revenue growth in the first year. Automated document creation accelerated the accuracy of reporting, which led to more precise scheduling and other daily operations. Electrolux’s management team is planning to implement automation into other departments.

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