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Pronto Insurance implements ElectroNeek to synchronize two custom IT systems

About Pronto Insurance

Pronto Insurance, founded in 1997, is a South Texas-based company located in Brownsville, Texas. The company has a focus on providing high-value insurance products and financial services with competitive pricing, superior claims handling and excellent customer service.


The insurance company has two separate systems in operation for daily business processes. One system is used for insured events (incidents) initiation. Another one is for processing these insured events. Managers had to synchronize data in two different systems manually several times a day. This led to significant losses of time, shifts in the timing of consideration of insured events and a massive number of errors in the processing of insured events.

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Bots execute automated tasks in:

Custom IT services
of the client

Automated process

A custom robot was developed to synchronize data between existing corporate systems. The robot checks the systems for updates. After the new data is received, the robot automatically copies the information and transfers it to another system.


Quicker claims processing led to a better client experience and better client retention

No ‘human factor’ errors in the processing of insured events, such as wrong field data entry mistakes. No need for double-checking

2000 hours/year are saved for the entire department, which dramatically reduced the need for overtimes

Achievements and future plans

Pronto Insurance successfully deployed programmed robots to synchronize data between two corporate systems which helped its employees to free time for more exciting, analytical tasks and never lose data in transfer again. Staying up-to-date also allows Pronto to fasten the sales cycle, process more information and build stronger relationships with its clients. Pronto Insurance considers scaling automation in different departments in the future to accelerate repetitive routine tasks.

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