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Reliance Bank automated reporting and pivot table generation with ElectroNeek

About Reliance Bank

Reliance Bank aligns its actions to provide a special brand of banking in the communities we serve. In addition to providing excellence in banking to customers throughout the region, Reliance Bank is also positioned to deliver outstanding service and support to the community and commonwealth.


A loan officer spends up to 2 hours a day generating reports in the Encompass system (a software environment for working with mortgage loans) and analyzing competitors’ prices.

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Bots execute automated tasks in:

Custom Web-page

Scraping Software

CRM System

Automated process

A custom robot was built to perform report generation in Encompass. It logs into the designated accounts in Encompass, generates a report and uploads data in an Excel spreadsheet.
After that, the robot removes optional parameters from the report, opens predetermined websites of competitors and searches for pricing information and downloads accessible data to the pivot table.


Increased capacity to process mortgage loans

2500+ hours/year saved for the entire department, which allows people to focus on analytical tasks

Elimination of open positions in the department due to optimization of report generation and competitor analysis workload

Achievements and future plans

The accuracy of the reporting in Reliance Bank is higher than ever before because, after the first month of using ElectroNeek bot in the loan department, they spread automation initiative to other departments of the bank to automate other types of routine tasks. Error-free and on-time competitor analysis also increases the business’ overall efficiency by giving up-to-date information on current market situations and elevating better-informed decision-making processes.

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