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Automated processing of new ledger accounts in Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Problem Statement

Onboarding in accounting software is a complex process that requires manual transfer of loads of crucial clients’ data, such as ledger accounts. For example, Sage, the market leader for integrating accounting, payroll and payment systems, has a corporate system called Sage Business Cloud Accounting (SBCA). Onboarding new users into the SBCA system requires manual entry of accounting data siloed in spreadsheets, scans and multiple accounting software (or even digital documents), such as uploading ledger accounts stored in an Excel file. The case below focuses on the Chart of Accounts data entry example in SBCA. Still, ElectroNeek Robotic Process Automation can be efficiently designed for processing data any data outside of SBCA into the cloud accounting software.


Previously, a client onboarding process was time-consuming, required manual data preparation and manual uploads (from Excel spreadsheets or other accounting) systems. One-by-one, each account was processed through an account creation form in SBCA. This and different similar onboarding workflows were time-consuming and often created operational inefficiencies, increasing the cost of onboarding or switching to SBCA from other, less robust accounting systems.


The problem of the manual data entry from multiple types of documents can be effectively solved with RPA bots. Below we describe the example of transferring data from an Excel spreadsheet to the SBCA.

Bots execute automated tasks in:

Automated workflow step-by-step

01 A user launches a bot

02 The robot opens the Chrome browser window and logins into the system

03 The robot goes to the Settings

04 The robot opens Chart of Accounts

05 The robot will deactivate/clean up the standard default Chart of Accounts

06 The robot starts a cycle of processing all the necessary new Ledger Account information from a template Excel file to the individual ledger account fields in SBCA

07 After the robot confirms that all entries are completed, it finishes its work

Human in the loop:

An employee only launches the bot and verifies that the robot correctly created the entries after it has finished work.

Alternatives to RPA:

API-integration between accounting data silos and SBCA – may require many costly custom integrations and lacks the flexibility to adjust for variability in data entry formats, e.g., would need an IT professional to adjust the script if Chart of Accounts comes into a different spreadsheet format.


15-25x decrease in the time it takes to process a data entry like ledger account into SBCA

Fewer barriers to switching to Sage's cloud products from other accounting software

Quicker onboarding for new users to Sage's products

No potential entry error in the ledger account fields

Other ElectroNeek's Sage automation cases

Sage has chosen ElectroNeek Robotics as its preferred RPA partner and offers its users the opportunity to engage with ElectroNeek on preferred partner terms to automating a variety of Accounting routines. Robotic Process Automation allows better data integrity and frees up valuable time for accountants to serve their clients on advisory services. Sage works with ElectroNeek to expand the variety of standard use cases in onboarding and account maintenance to improve their clients’ businesses.

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