“RPA 101”: What is BPM automation?

“RPA 101”: What is BPM automation?

Business Process Management (BPM) automation is a systematic approach to optimize work processes in an organization to meet the changing needs of the business arena. BPM is an ongoing approach to make the performance of business processes better continuously.

Several clouds and on-premise software solutions are available to implement BPM, including ElectroNeek.

What are the benefits of BPM Automation?

BPM automation is designed to boost the effectiveness of processes across project teams and even organizations. Its implementation brings a host of business benefits such as:

  • Agility. Optimized processes enable greater agility in organizational operations.
  • Reduction of risks. BPM automation helps prevent and fix flaws and bottlenecks, minimizing business risks.
  • Elimination of redundancies. Monitoring processes allows the identification and elimination of duplicated tasks. 
  • Improved collaboration. The transparency created by BPM automation supports collaboration between internal teams and external vendors or customers. 
  • Improved productivity. When processes are shipshape, data extraction is more straightforward. Tasks are routed sequentially without human intervention.
  • Higher compliance. It becomes much easier and more systematic to build audit trails and comply with enterprise rules and regulations.

Want to learn more? Reach out to ElectroNeek automation expert for further details.

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