‘RPA 101’: What is Data Entry?

‘RPA 101’: What is Data Entry?

Data Entry Automation defines all software products that can be used for the optimization of different data insertion processes. 

Thoroughly automated data entry systems can recognize data from a set of various sources such as printed reports, PDFs, emails, and online forms. After that, these systems enter the data into more adapted data storage, like databases or spreadsheets. The main idea of data entry automation software is to streamline a dataflow that is generally performed by an employee who usually enters data manually, by fully or partially automating the process.

Data Entry Automation Saves Time and Money

The most notable outcome of the automated data entry process is the reduction of time spent on typical data entry tasks.

  • For instance, measure the time spent on one single data entry assignment right now and envision the number of tasks that can be done instead. 
  • When you multiply these numbers with average monthly task volume, you get a real understanding of the time savings involved.

Calculating your estimated time savings also provides a concept of budget required to set up an automated system.

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