electroNeek Platform
Design bots (workflows), run, test, debug and create logs
Schedule bots runtime and analyze performance
Optional software to run bots (without DevTool)
electroNeek DevTool
DevTool - design bots
• Drag and drop automation features – design with visual programming (blocks) using intuitive interface
• Capture business processes – employees or analysts can design workflows without requiring any
programming skills (build TO-DO blocks), more experienced users can subsequently turn them into
executable workflows
• Command Prompts – a powerful assistance-instrument to perform complex tasks
• Exception handling – simplified try/catch mechanism for all functions.
DevTool - interact with apps interface
• Performing user actions at UI level – click buttons, type text, use hotkeys, and so much more
• Execution control – check if a certain element exists, get element properties, and so much more
• Use screen coordinates and images to make algorithm more flexible
• Interact with the clipboard to simulate user actions
• Easy data scraping from screenshots - text, tables and more
DevTool - automate browser tasks
• Interact with any browser – open URL, extract data, etc.
• Use supported interface actions – clicks, typing, using hotkeys
• Make browser automation more scalable, fast, and flexible with Selenium, Zapier
DevTool - use Optical Character Recognition power
• ABBYY OCR Cloud - one the best and powerful OCR solutions
• Google OCR – a good free OCR alternative to scan images
• Microsoft OCR – another free OCR engine to scan text
• Yandex Vision – cloud-based efficient OCR alternative
DevTool - work with file system
• Automate file and document changes – read, write, rewrite...
• Automate file manipulation – move, delete, copy, create, check if a file exists.
DevTool - email automation
• Read emails – access all emails starting from a specified date
• Create new emails – send an email with a customized header and body
• Read and create attachments - save or send attachments
DevTool - Microsoft Office integration
• Read Excel file in the background and extract data for fast and reliable processing
• Create and modify Excel files
• Perform typical Microsoft Word tasks
DevTool - Google office apps
• Automate working with online office applications
• Read from or write to cells in Google Sheets
• Make simple operations in Google Docs
DevTool - web requests
Use HTTP requests to interact with existing APIs to increase the reliability and speed of your process
DevTool - upcoming features
• Build your own API and get it converted to electroNeek's custom features.
• Develop complex processes using any coding language of your choice, with electroNeek's functionality as a library.
• Auto-convert visual algorithms to a JavaScript code
electroNeek Agent
• Can be installed without Studio to run bots
• Configure your ABBYY OCR account
• Configure your Google services account
electroNeek ControlRoom
• Schedule the execution of processes
• Configure running order
• Run multiple bots on different machines from one application
electroNeek Platform - other features
• Run the platform on a virtual machine
• Use the platform on different OS – Windows, Mac, and Linux
• Use a webhook to launch a robot

• Securely transfer data – special protocols are used
• Low processor resource consumption