Enhance your performance with desktop applications and platforms

Automate desktop tasks

1. Improve performance in desktop applications and platforms by automating routine

2. Use the full potential of corporate system capabilities

3. Refocus employees to analytical and strategic assignments

4. Eliminate mistakes with managing and storing web data

Use ElectroNeek Studio to design automated workflows. You don't have to have special coding skills to develop a robot

Robots built here can perform any repetitive action that a software user can do, in any system (legacy, CRM, ERP, etc.)

Allow robots to emulate human actions and accurately finish desktop tasks up to 100 times faster than humans can

Add flexibility to business processes and make more data-informed decisions

Quick path to grow revenue or improve margin from automation and optimization

With an automated routine, employees have more time for analytical and strategic tasks

10 %

Find opportunities to improve operating margin by 10% in 2 weeks.

40 %

Build a roadmap to 40% margin improvement within 12-months

60 %

Raise employee productivity to 60%

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