Process discovery

Find out which software takes most of your employees' time and automate operations within it

Discover inefficient processes and robotize them

1. Analyze how employees interact with different software to discover automation opportunities

2. Learn more about your employees’ workloads

3. Support productivity growth by automating routine business processes

Invite users to your organization with an ElectroNeek Platform account

Let the downloadable ElectroNeek Robot analyze how users interact with different software to discover automation opportunities.

See suggested automation opportunities and actual benefits from previously launched robots in the Automation Hub.

Aggregated data is presented in the People Dashboard, where you will be able to identify the employees and departments with the most significant share of the repetitive routine.

Greater visibility on employees' productivity

Add flexibility to business processes and make more data-informed decisions

Quick path to grow revenue or improve margin from automation and optimization

30 %

More than 30% of business processes in any typical company can be automated (Deloitte)

75 %

75% of employees in the US have to overwork mainly to finish paperwork (ILO)

1 w

See the first results of automation in 1 week

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