Find opportunities to improve efficiency

Analyze productivity

 1. Learn how your employees interact with different software

2. Understand what apps they spend the most time in

3. Find the share of repetitive operations that can be automated

4. Automatically calculate the automation potential of real business processes

Invite users to your organization with an ElectroNeek Platform account

Monitor how your employees interact with business software interfaces and their clipboard, keeping the data and documents private

Track automation potential by the software your company uses (also find what you don't need to spend your IT budget on)

Change between a company-wide view and drill down to specific teams and departments

Greater visibility on employees' productivity

Quick path to grow revenue or improve margin from automation and optimization

Make more data-informed employee decisions (promotion, bonus, etc.)

10 %

Find opportunities to improve operating margin by 10% in 2 weeks

40 %

Build a roadmap to 40% margin improvement within 12-months

1 w

See the first results in 1 week

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