Swiftly transfer data from scans to any corporate system or database

Automate scanned documents' processing

1. Automatically transfer any information from scanned documents to any database in minutes.

2. Digitize scanned contracts, invoices, and other documents and optimize business processes.

3. Enhance data processing by taking humans out of the loop.

Use ElectroNeek Studio to design automated workflows. You don't have to have special coding skills to develop a robot.

Robots built here can perform any repetitive action that a software user can do, in any system, in any environment.

Allow robots to emulate human actions and accurately extract necessary information from scanned documents and place it to any database (CRM, EPR) or corporate system.

Enhance data processing by taking humans out of the loop.

Quick path to grow revenue or improve margin from automation and optimization

With an automated routine, employees have more time for analytical and strategic tasks

30 %

More than 30% of business processes in any typical company can be automated (Deloitte)

60 %

Raise employee productivity by 60%

1 w

See the first results of scanned document processing automation in 1 week

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