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Automation with Chief Executive Officers

Have you noticed that your employees tend to spend too much time on repetitive, manual tasks, such as entering data to the spreadsheet or building reports? What about you, maybe even you got too involved in your company’s daily routine and seek more time for analytical or strategic duties? That’s a common answer that we at ElectroNeek hear from business owners all the time.

There are numerous reasons why you got interested in automation:

  • If the time flies by but the work is never finished
  • If you struggle from the margin pressure
  • If you have bright ideas on expanding your business presence in the market, but don’t have enough resources to implement them
  • If you want to improve employee productivity and get more things done without additional hiring, then you’re on the right page.

Today Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used not only to perform simple, repetitive tasks and free employees from several hours of tedious routine assignments, but to help companies discover automation opportunities and elevate ROI. In 2020, RPA is a strategic tool for work efficiency growth and notable financial benefits.

ElectroNeek is the handy solution for CEOs

ElectroNeek is the easiest-to-use and setup RPA software that is built for not only IT professionals, but also for business users without extensive experience in coding, which makes it the best solution for implementing and scaling automation in the company.


Here are 3 more reasons why business owners choose ElectroNeek:


With ElectroNeek the execution of repetitive business processes is on average 25 times faster than without automation

1 year

An average payback period for RPA implementation is approximately 12 months


25,000 hours of avoidable rework can be saved with each RPA bot

Enhance your company's performance with ElectroNeek

Automatically find cost-saving opportunities

Use advanced analytics in People Dashboard to find automation-ready processes and calculate automation potential in your company.

Have better control over the execution of automation

Using the capabilities of ElectroNeek Orchestrator allows you to transparently monitor automation execution and analyze the results when Robots completed tasks.

Make your employees happier

Your team is happier and more productive without routine tasks. Let them concentrate on higher-value, more analytical tasks by implementing digital assistants (Robots) to their workflow.

Access A-level RPA training and certifications for free

We offer separate learning tracks for executives, business managers, Citizen Automators, and professional development to help you start automating 100% in-house.

Success Story

Leading global productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries automated Application Distribution and Billing System using ElectroNeek’s robots.

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