RPA for CFOs

Accelerate cash cycle and automatically find cost-saving opportunities

Automate financial workflow

Finance teams have a fair share of time-consuming, repetitive tasks in their workflow. From inputting data into a computer, scanning documents, tracking the payment status of an invoice to accounting procedures and reporting, -. all of these tasks are essential in the flow of a business, but they take up a large amount of the workday and leave departments at risk for mistakes and errors caused by the ‘human factor.’

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows you to manage high-volume business processes across complex infrastructures more efficiently. In 2020, RPA is used not only to reduce operational costs and speed-up routine processes but also to discover automation potential and increase work effectiveness by using more in-depth workflow analytics.

ElectroNeek is the handy solution for CFOs

ElectroNeek is the handy solution for CFOs

ElectroNeek is the easiest-to-use Robotic Process Automation platform that can be implemented in-house, only with the help of an internal IT team or Citizen Automators. Business users can run robots without limitations in time or the number of automated processes. Thus, no additional fees or costs during the active subscription.

ElectroNeek will enable users not only to streamline repetitive and manual processes but also to increase productivity and elevate ROI by efficiently scaling automation initiatives in the company.

Here are 3 more reasons why people choose ElectroNeek:


ElectroNeek is one of the Top-3 RPA vendors in the US and the easiest-to-use, making it accessible for business users who will be able to run robots after a short training from IT department

1 year

An average payback period for RPA implementation is approximately 12 months


ElectroNeek can be implemented in-house and it doesn’t require additional costs to add more robots*

*In Enterprise plan

Enhance your business performance with ElectroNeek

Automatically find cost-saving opportunities

Use advanced analytics in People Dashboard to find automation-ready processes and calculate automation potential in your company.

Start saving in weeks

Elevate ROI from optimization opportunities based on Automation Recommendations and workflow monitoring with People Dashboard.

Make your employees happier

Your team is happier and more productive without routine tasks. Let them concentrate on higher-value, more analytical tasks by implementing digital assistants (Robots) to their workflow.

Automate work with docs, accelerate cash cycle and realize cost-saving opportunities

Accelerate your finance cycle

Automate repetitive invoicing, billing, and other procedures with OCR, spreadsheets, Intuit solutions (Mint, TurboTax, QuickBooks, etc.) and Sage products (Fixed Assets, Payments, X3, etc.).

Success Story

Sage Business Cloud Accounting (SBCA) successfully automated processing of new ledger accounts and improved time for data processing by 25 times.

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Improve your company performance with ElectroNeek