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Automation of IT Services

Automation is on top of the minds of executives around the world because of its powerful capabilities and benefits that it brings to the business. However, IT departments usually have a lot on their plates even without additional changes:

  • The pressure with urgent requests. Sometimes, the number of requests is so high that it becomes difficult for the IT team to complete all the requests in a single day, leading to unnecessary iterations in day-to-day functions.
  • The complexity of integration with new IT solutions often leads to new issues, mistakes caused by the ‘human factor’ and a decrease in productivity of the IT team.

In 2020, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used not only to systematically manage and resolve IT requests but also to reduce human error and integrate numerous products from different vendors to efficiently manage IT issues without having to change current IT infrastructure.

IT Services

Automate repetitive user actions in business applications and websites with ElectroNeek

ElectroNeek is the easiest-to-use Robotic Process Automation platform that can be implemented in-house, only with the help of an internal IT team or Citizen Automators. At ElectroNeek, we identified the most significant requirements for technology professionals and built a platform for their business needs.

Here are 3 more reasons why IT professionals choose ElectroNeek:


ElectroNeek is one of the Top-3 RPA vendors in the US and the easiest-to-use, making it accessible for business users who will be able to run robots after a short training from IT department

14 days

In general, it takes around two weeks to implement RPA and start running bots comparing to several months for traditional automation


ElectroNeek is a completely non-invasive solution, which means that there’s no need for changes in corporate IT infrastructure

Enhance your company's performance with ElectroNeek

Serve your colleagues better

Understand where your IT team can help business the most with Automation Recommendations, which are automatically calculated based on the workload patterns recognized and processed by ElectroNeek.

Build flexible no-API workflows without changes to IT infrastructure

Create a bot ecosystem

Share bots with users in your organization or create ‘virtual workforce’ - bots with their own computers to run automations 24/7 (for processing some really bulk tasks).

Automate repeatable tasks

Build workflows that automate time-consuming, repetitive business processes.

Advanced automation

Control the status of all bots in your team or company, build bot sequences and set process triggers for automated execution (like incoming email).

Success Story

Global spirits company swiftly sets up new software in IT infrastructure using ElectroNeek.

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